Digital Photo Frames And Retail Stores


Digital Photo Frames and Retail Stores

Digital photo frames are a great tool for any manager or business owner who works in retail. They are affordable, and you can find large fifteen inch frames for around $175. This size of frame is a great option for in house advertising because they look great, and they are easy to see. Whether you want to use digital photo frames to communicate with your employees or your customers, you will find that these frames are easy to use and effective.

Digital Photo Frames and Your Customers

Digital photo frames are a very inexpensive, yet effective, way to advertise, especially in a retail store. Digital photo frames can display images, as long as they are formatted correctly, on their screens. This means that you can create images for your frames, and you do not have to just display photos.

You can use them to display photos of new products that have just arrived. For example, a clothing store gets new clothing in for fall. You can use the digital photo frames that you display in your store to point out your new brands and your new merchandise. You can use these frames to display the dates and information for upcoming sales. For example, that same clothing store is having a sale on blue jeans next week.

If you have a customer loyalty program or a store credit card, you can also encourage your customers to ask an employee for more information about these things. You should be sure to include the perks of these programs. For example, “Would you like 10% off of today’s purchase? Be sure to ask an employee about our customer rewards program.” You can try displaying these frames by your cash registers, on your walls, or in your dressing rooms


Digital Photo Frames and Your Employees

In addition to using digital photo frames to advertise and communicate with your customers, they also make a great tool to communicate with your employees. Since your employees are the only ones who will see these frames, they do not have to be as complex or as large as the frames that you use for advertising. You can find eight inch frames, for example, for under $100. You can display these frames behind counters or in break rooms.

You might wonder what kind of messages you would display on these frames for your employees. For example, you can remind them to ask the customer if they want to join your customer rewards program. You can remind them to smile and to be polite to the customers. You can also remind them about meetings or other events, like training sessions, that they need to attend.

Once you purchase a digital photo frame, you will find that you have many options when it comes to using it and displaying it. They work wonderfully in retail, and you can use them for your in house advertising and for digital signs. As they are affordable and easy to use, you should considering purchasing one for your retail store today.

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