Five Fitness Software to help you with your Weight Loss Endeavors


Losing your extra pounds and getting a toned up body might not be rocket science, but it certainly needs a controlled and methodical approach, especially when it comes to your diet, because it plays a significant role in weight control. A big majority fails to reach their weight loss targets because they take on a haphazard and unscientific approach. There’s plenty of information available on Internet, as to how many calories one should take in order to control or gain weight, in accordance to your age or body type. But many take these numbers as nothing but a technical jargon that professionals use to impress the commoners, but the fact is that you will hardly achieve any results unless you follow these numbers. Studies show that people who have used well researched programs like weight watchers or eDiets have managed to achieve much better results as compared to those who haven’t.

Following is a list of five softwares that will help you in your fitness and weight loss endeavors.

Diet Organizer:

Diet Organizer, as the name suggest, is essentially a diet and calorie counter that you can use on almost any platform, including Mac, Windows, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, etc. You can download and use this software for free for a ten days trial period, and if it works, you can register for fully functional software by paying a small onetime fee. Diet organizer is like a spreadsheet that allows you to record and analyze everything from daily good intake to exercise, weight and measurements, and allows you to take a look at charts and graphs to improve your routine for better results.

Diet Power:

Diet Power is another software that lets you keep track of your calorie intake. The software has a goal setter where you can enter your weight loss goals. Next, you will continue with entering your food intake in the food log, the software will let you know the calorie balance that you need to maintain. Apart from that, you will be getting a food coach, recipe box, water minder, diet history, and all. And just like diet organizer you can get a free trial version and then purchase the licensed copy after 15 days.

Weight By Date:

Weight by date is another program that keeps you on track by recording your progress and calorie intake. You will get a weight loss calendar, progress charts, running totals, and the likes to help you control your weight, have a balanced diet, and improve your overall fitness. Apart from the people looking for weight loss, people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or similar ailment can also benefit from this easy to use software.

Dakota Fit:

Pro Track enables you to keep track of your calories consumed and burned, you can enter your daily intake and exercise in the journal and then have a look at the charts to analyze your progress. The software let you create your own workout, measurement, and meal templates, or you can download and use any of the one hundred programs designed by the experts. There are about 270 exercises, more than 7000 food items, and over 70 nutrients for your reference. You can buy this software in $29.95.

Weight Loss Software:

Weight loss software offers food explorer view, calories and exercise plans, calendar view, custom food and recipes, and much more. The advanced features include limit displayed foods, medical diary, body fat percentage, and basal metabolic rate. The software comes with a massive food database, nutritional facts, recipes, and allows you to have a look at your progress via many different graphs and pie charts. Just like other software in this list, you can get a free version for seven days, and later pay $39.97 to get a licensed copy.

J. Klein is both a geek and a fitness freak. He has collected some coupon codes and discounts at his site that you can find here. Weight Watchers and eDiets are two of the most popular weight loss diet programs.

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