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The Google Page Rank of a site is one of the most important metrics that is being monitored by site owners. A site’s page rank is based on a number of different factors being considered by Google like the site’s number of index pages, age of domain, internal and external links, content of site, keywords used and a lot more.

Companies employ the help of professional SEO consultants to increase their site’s page rank. Every website owner should aim for high page rank as this will give them a better positioning in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Netizens have been using popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more when searching for information online. Landing on the first few pages of SERPs will give a website better exposure as it increases their chance of being click which can help drive traffic to a website and can greatly benefit the business.

SEO experts have been implementing different SEO strategies to help increase a site’s page rank. Some of this includes white hat link building, content marketing, social media campaign, and more. But search engines like Google, have been inventing the wheel in terms of SEO and are now using new algorithms when computing for a site’s Page Rank.

Just recently, they have rolled out Google Penguin, the newest algorithm that they are using to determine a site’s Page Rank. The update has affected 3% of websites, with their Page Rank being decreased or the sites being removed from SERPs.

Many experts believe that this new algorithm will change the way blog owners handles their SEO campaign. The new algorithm looks beyond just link building as it takes into account the website content and usability, in calculating the Page Rank.

The Google Penguin update aims to penalize sites which uses web spamming in generating backlinks. SEO experts believe that a site that observes the following tactics will be affected by the Google Penguin update:

  • Have low quality links coming from unrelated sites.
  • High keyword density and repetition of keywords in posts published on the site.
  • Using invisible text wherein keywords in white text and white background are placed everywhere in the site.
  • Use of doorway pages, which are fake pages targeted for search engine spiders for faster indexing.
  • Other black hat SEO practices like link farming and viral link building.
  • Over optimized anchor text

The aim of the Google Penguin update is to produce high quality websites. If you have been affected by this recent update, here are a few tips to recover from the Page Rank drop:

  • Start redesigning your website’s so it will have a great page layout and faster load time to provide a better user experience for its viewers.
  • Continue writing quality content that have good keyword density.
  • Do not overuse and over optimize keywords and anchor text. Practice diversity when choosing keywords for the anchor text.
  • Only employ white-hat techniques for the website’s link building strategy and avoid schemes that use unethical method of increasing a site’s ranking like unnatural links and link farming.

Google will continue to improve their algorithm in determining their page rank and the trend is towards creating high quality site that can provide a better user experience. Make sure that you continue to provide relevant content to your website and you employ only ethical SEO tactics, if you want to recover from the Penguin update and to escape all other future updates from Google.

Author’s Bio: This is a guest post by Abie, a content writer who works for the site

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