The Big Players of AI


Artificial intelligence is going to be a massive market in the next few years. AI demonstrates as machines enable intelligence. It incorporates processes like machine learning to undergo certain tasks completion that otherwise requires human intelligence to be performed. As we are moving towards the future, more and more companies are using AI to improve their business to the next level. AI has become a ground for the business to expand in its success. A number of leading software and app development companies in the world have incorporated the involvement of AI in their work. Let’s talk about some of the big players of AI that how they have induced AI into their businesses.


Facebook has driven the use of artificial intelligence to generate detailed maps, which illustrate the dense population and their access to the internet. Facebook is also making deep learning about AI in order to find out the users’ matters and concerns. A few years back, its facial recognition feature is another step towards AI. It functions by recognizing the people’s faces in the pictures. It also  uses AI for its ad network that is designed to get the most of the user activities to feature suitable advertisements for them.

Google Translate

Once, there was a time when people of creative departments were happy that their work could not be done with the help of machines or robots. However, recent advancement in the field of machine learning has left people in awe that AI has reached to the new doors of success. Google Translate is among one of them and has stepped into an improved machine learning era. The field of translating content from different languages has left threatened because of the advancement in Google translate.


As a search engine, Google integrates with artificial intelligence most ubiquitously to give the best experiences to its users. In July 2017, Google started a project to restructure the ways of people’s interaction with AI systems, which is known as the “People + AI Research initiative (PAIR).”


Amazon uses AI involvement in its business. The business requires the recommendation to its clients, and this sector is totally dependent on machines to use massive piles of user data about their purchases and products to generate recommendations for them. Their system beats most of the competition in personalized recommendations, product search inquiries, fraud protection, demand forecasting, and warehouse fulfillment. Alexa has been using AI, and now Amazon is moving into the healthcare field. Their partnerships with JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A, BRK.B) will also be an AI-driven company.

Twilio (TWLO)

This cloud software business is on an unexpected rise in the AI market. Twilio’s application programming interfaces (APIs) are often used by software developers to send and receive voice and text messages via voice to text AI software.


Uber is another AI user that is investing heavily in AI-infused technology for

improving their services and performances.


Spotify is a group that uses AI and Tinder-like swiping controls for the recommendations of content. It focuses on AI-based startups with an aim to progress and improves its recommendation of content and advertisement to the targeted audiences. It has recently invested in a setup based on machine learning that can identify the preferred content and find similar content for them. It would help in bringing custom recommendations for Spotify users.

IBM Corporation

IBM is a major software leader. In the recent revolution of AI, IBM stands at a leading position. IBM has induced systems that debate with humans. In San Francisco, An AI-infused IBM computer debated in favour of the government subsidizing space exploration against a human.

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