The New iPhone 4S: Unveiled


The New iPhone 4S
October 4 marks the big day for Apple as it announces the launch of the much awaited successor to iPhone 4. News has been circulating and gadget enthusiasts have been waiting for the release of iPhone 5 for almost a year now. There has even been news that leaked on how the new iPhone will look like with a wider 4” display and thinner body than its iPhone 4 predecessor.

But I guess everybody was surprised when Apple unveiled iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5. This means that the new model is pretty much similar to iPhone 4 but with just a few modifications. This is nothing new as Apple did this before when they released iPhone 3GS after the iPhone 3G.

A number of Apple fans are disappointed as they have been waiting for the release of iPhone 5, only to find out now that what they are going to get is nothing much different to the iPhone model that they have been using for a year now.

So what is new with iPhone 4S? Some feel that it is lacking in feature as what they are expecting for the new iPhone model but there are still a few improvements to iPhone 4S and here are a few of them:

• iPhone 4S is powered by Apple’s dual A5 processor which is the technology being used for the iPad 2 providing a much faster gadget.
• It has an antenna design which offers twice as much file transfer speed as iPhone 4
• It is now built with a 8 mega pixel camera as compared to the 5 mega pixel camera of iPhone 4
• It offers 1080p high-definition video recording versus the 720p video recording of iPhone 4
• It is equipped new application called Siri which is a built-in voice activated virtual assistant
• It works on both CDMA and GSM networks
• It offers a much bigger storage capacity as it comes with 64 MB of Flash RAM

And here are some of the features that technology buffs are expecting which is still not present in the newly released model:

• It still does not support 4G which could have provided for a much faster mobile connection
• It does not support Wireless charging and wireless syncing
• Instead of a 4” display that was rumored to be one of the improvements, iPhone 4S still has 3.5” screen and is even heavier by 140 grams than iPhone 4

But I am sure gadget crazy individuals will still not miss an opportunity to get hold of the latest Apple gadget in the market so for sure they will still be lining up in Apple stores on October 7, when Apple starts accepting pre-order. It will start to go on sale on October 14.

The iPhone 4S comes in black and white color and is available in 16 GB ($199), 32 GB ($299) and 64 GB ($399) model.

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