Three Simple Yet Effective Methods To Unlock iPhone 4S


The unlocked iPhone models come with all the features and specifications of the normal models. The only different is that it will not have any contract commitment. This will help you to use any network service provider in your phone. Once the iPhone is unlocked, the user will have an option to use it on any supported GSM wireless network. However, even if you Unlock iPhone 4S, you will not be able to use CDMA based carriers like Sprint or Verizon Wireless. Unlocked iPhone is also best for the people, who do not need a multiyear service contract.

You can also use any of your local carrier in the unlocked iPhone when you are travelling abroad and different other destinations. The locked phones come with a micro SIM card. However, once the phone is unlocked, you should have an active micro SIM card, which provides worldwide services. You just have to insert the SIM and turn on the phone to use after it is unlocked.

Basically, there are three ways to unlock iPhone 4S. Here you will find some information on these steps that will help you to unlock the phone easily and use it with any network providers. Below mentioned are the methods you can use for unlocking iPhone 4S:

  • Ultrasnow Unlock:
    This iPhone 4S unlock method is a software based method. This will help you to jailbreak your device with the available tools. The software is free to download and install. Once you have downloaded the program, you should follow the steps mentioned in it for unlocking the device.
  • Gevey SIM Unlock:
    This is the second famous method you can use to unlock iPhone 4S. This is a hardware unlock procedure, which you should get it done by an expert. Here you should install the Gevey SIM interposer to make call to the predefined emergency number. Once you do this, they will allow you to unlock the phone. As soon as you will make the call, the interposer with the help of its programmed hack will unlock the device. One of the amazing benefits of this process is that it does not require jail breaking. Moreover, you do not need any skills to unlock your phone through this process. This hardware component is available in Amazon as well as other online stores.
  • IMEI Unlock:
    In this process, the service provider will ask your IMEI number of the device that is different for every mobile device. Once the service provider will take this number from you, it will be put into the white list of Apple. Therefore, the next time you will sync your device with iTunes, it will be unlock iPhone 4S permanently. One of the best things about this unlocking method is that, it will provide you a permanent solution. Moreover, the unlock will not be lost and the device works just like the factory unlocked phones.

The above-mentioned are some of the simple and easy procedures you can use to unlock iPhone 4S.

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