What You Need To Know For Getting Better Results Out Of Your Link Building Services


What You Need To Know For Getting Better Results Out Of Your Link Building Services

One of the very first things a rookie gets to hear when he knocks the door of an intriguing world known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is link building. Though it might offers a bit of idea to what it possibly could be, courtesy to its name, developing a proper understanding about it, however, is a different story altogether.

Let us see it from a much broader prospective, narrowing it down to the focal point. The normal process of accessing the information you need involves a person typing in a search query into search field of a search engine and search engine returns the query with best possible results.

It is very simple; well, not so. There is quite a complicated process behind this seemingly simple exercise. The first thing is to get clear on how a search engine makes choice of best possible results against a query out of thousands (or even millions) of pages available to him. It has to determine these results based on many different aspects, few basic of which are listed here.

  • To determine which web pages can be related to the query put forward in any possible way

  • Secondly, a search engine needs to determine which of the pages it finds relative to any particular query are most important and authoritative in terms of the issue raised in the query
  • It also needs to examine the link profile of the website which contains that page, and most importantly, scrutiny of the page itself is to be made

Well, these are just a few of the absolute basics; there are a plenty more which one gets to know with the passage of time in the field. It must be interesting for newcomers to know that search engines deem each link pointing towards a web page as an individual vote of popularity and acceptance to that page.

This concept was popularized by none other than the most popular itself, i.e. the Google. It can be exemplified by the fact that if a search engine finds two pages of equal relevance for any given query, the page hosting a better link profile would be ranked higher than the other.

How Links Get An Evaluation From Search Engines

Well, for any internet marketing firm, this really is a million dollar question. Those who get to develop a better idea about it definitely leave others far behind to cash the benefits, and in virtual world of internet, most of the times, nothing serves more important than being pioneers in implementing an idea.

Different web gurus answer this question differently and quite rightly so, because search engines themselves keep changing (updating, to be more appropriate) their PageRank algorithms. All one can do is to observe keenly and try to find a pattern that might be being followed by a search engine.

However, still there are some basic aspects that get the most importance in this regard, such as:


It is deemed as having utmost importance in this regard. A link coming from a site which is highly related to the theme presented by a particular web page would yield it highly as compared to a link coming from a site not closely related to it. For example, a webpage talking about watches would not be paid well by a search engine for a link coming from a site about sugarcane cultivation.


Just like relevance, authority of the site linking with a web page also counts heavily. In any given market, there are websites considered greatly authoritative by search engines, and links coming from such a site is valued more than that of a link from a site with low authority.


Over a period of time, some sites get to win the trust of search engines, mostly due to their high authority and popularity on the subject, and any link coming from such sites is given more value than a link coming from a site which search engines do not trust.

If you want your link building services to yield you higher, you got to understand factors like the ones mentioned above rather than blindly following what you see and what people tell you to. Feel the difference yourself by doing so.

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