File Versioning: Why Your Backup Solution Should Offer This Feature


You may have searched the web to find the best backup solution so you can backup all your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. However, have you made sure that your chosen provider offers the file versioning feature? Here is a brief illustration that shows you the importance of having the file versioning feature.

So, there is an office worker named Jane and she was given a task by her boss to make a weekly report and a PowerPoint presentation for the weekly meeting. Jane’s boss is a perfectionist, and he often asks his staffs to revise documents, reports, presentations, etc. Jane then sits down, writes the report, makes the presentation, and gives the report to her boss three hours later.

Unfortunately, her boss does not like the report. Jane then revises it and gives it back to her boss. Again, her boss does not like the results and Jane has to revise them. When Jane has completed the revision for a second time, and wants to give the results to her boss, her boss says that the previous version is better.

Unfortunately, Jane does not keep a copy of the previous version because she has just overwritten the previous document. Now Jane has to waste one or two more hours to redo the report and presentation to the previous version. So, do you want to waste your productive time for such an inconvenience?

So what exactly is file versioning?
Although that kind of situation does not happen frequently, it can occur at any time. That’s where file versioning plays its role. File versioning is a backup feature that enables you to access older versions of a file without any issues. When updated versions of the file are uploaded to your cloud storage, the server will archive several versions of the file. In this way, you can revert back to the previous version of your file with just a few mouse clicks.

Unfortunately, not all cloud backup providers offer this file versioning feature, and many customers often forget about its importance. However, unless you like to waste your productive time, having a file versioning feature in your cloud backup solution will give you peace of mind.

Finding providers that offer file versioning feature is actually quite easy. Some top cloud backup providers offer this feature, and a few of them even offer file versioning that allows you to go back up to 30 days. Although it may require you to spend more time finding providers that offer this feature, the benefit that you will get is worth the time invested.

Does file versioning make the backup solution more expensive? No, it does not. Search the web and you will find some providers who offer file versioning at affordable prices. Remember, the situation illustrated above can happen to you at any time, so take action now and choose the best backup online provider that offers file versioning.

David Hamer is an online author and expert on this type of backup solution.

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