Z623 Speakers from Logitech


Z623 Speakers from Logitech

This would be an ideal speaker for you if you do not prefer surround music.


It produces 200 watt sounds and has been awarded certification from THX. It contains a headphone jack, separate buttons for bass and volume adjustments, and is priced $150.


The Z623 is appealing and strong, delivering great sound with clarity. Separate input of 3.5mm is comfortable for using.


The unit looks somewhat heavy. It would be better if they have supported microphone usage. Even though the sound quality is indeed great, it is of more directional. The sub woofer element is unwanted for this system.


I was already using the speakers from Logitech and I am familiar with it comfortably. I was with some expectations when they have launched this Z263 model speaker, and I should confess that my expectations have been met with at least, to some extent, if not fully.

This model is not new to the industry and many models of similar price are competing with this speaker. I must admit if not all, most of the speakers serve the purpose and worth investing. They give you the maximum value for the amount you have spent. You can always go through models from Creative, Bose, Altec Lansing before you book your choice.

If you are in the habit of hearing to music from multi media channels on internet then this Z262 would be the best choice. Even though it does not support surround stereo you will not feel its absence with the given headsets. And it is not right for you to expect 5.1 from a 2.1 speaker set.

The total watt count has been gracefully split up in its sub-speaker and two other satellites. It produces great sound which makes you forget about the surround stereo. It has 3 inputs one for RCA on subwoofer, and one separate 3.5mm and yet another 3.5mm for satellite speaker which includes one headphone, one power switch and few knobs for controlling bass and volume.

On the whole, the unit is robust in appearance and equally attractive also. The unit is colored with matte black and even the grills have nice finishing. The attachment of subwoofer system is quite big and it demands more space for sitting in your room.

The sound quality is reasonably good with excellent stereo effect. I feel the subwoofer system is overstated and the sound is really good if you reduce the bass controls. The sound quality and clarity is worth for the price paid but I am of the opinion that the sound is not filling the entire room and is rather directional. This would be a great choice for playing games.

The additional satellite is comfortable for hearing songs from your mobile phones. The headphone attachment is good but I wish if there was provision to include a microphone in it.


The Z623 from Logitech is worth for the money and valuable speaker for your desktop.

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