A Robot for cleaning the floor from Mint


A Robot for cleaning the floor from Mint

This floor cleaning device is suited for cleaning any type of dust and is recommended for persons who hate dust.


It uses micro fiber to clean the surface and is capable of moving through the entire room using GPS technology. It cleans the dust particles in the table corners and chairs, and cleans on dry mode and wet mode also. This can be obtained for $250.


This cleaner is very efficient in removing the dust. This is small and looks great and suited for cleaning under your bed or couch.


It does not perform well for mopping the floor. It has some difficulty in cleaning rugs. There is no method for planning the cleaning task.


After the floor cleaner Roomba many models have been introduced and Mint is one such model newly launched for effective cleaning of floor.

The Mint does not work on the principle of vacuum and is meant for cleaning house with any type of flooring. It makes use of micro fiber clothes to clean the floor and two such clothes are given with the machine.

After loading the cloth inside the device and on pressing the sweep key the machine starts cleaning the room removing all dust particles. As per the direction given in the guide, you have to place the cleaner at the room’s middle point such that its front portion is facing the ceiling.

The cleaner does not produce any sound except when it crashes with your table or couch. But that too it bumps only once and in future it remembers the view of the entire room and freely exercises the dust.

After cleaning all the open rooms in your house, it would return to the position where you started cleaning with loaded dust particles on its cloth.

It moves freely around the entire room and its small figure with square shaped body is able to move about the place cleaning the dust from the edges, corners and everywhere.

This Mint cleaning device is actually smart enough to open the half closed doors to enter the room and start cleaning the next room also gently.  It always treats any obstacle as a wall or separator and leaving it aside it would move to the other places for cleaning. So, if you place a rug or carpet it would leave them without cleaning.

It also mops the floor fairly and it actually rubs the floor using a wet cloth. But it does not clean up heavy stain.

The battery of Mint works well for three hours which is reasonable time for cleaning. For charging, you have to plug in the chord which is located at its bottom portion. It has an easy handle for carrying it around.


Even though the cleaner is not fully automatic it is recommended as an efficient cleaner. But you have to put your hands for helping it daily in the act of washing the clothes, or changing them whenever necessary.

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