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The term Office Supplies means different things to different people and offices. For the most part however, there are a few fundamental things that this category implies that every office needs. Shopping for office supplies can be fun but most people will tell you it is a chore and is often very frustrating. The market is flooded with merchants who promise the lowest prices and highest quality but in all honesty they don’t always deliver on this. If you are in charge of purchasing the office supplies for the company you work at, you will have to be on your toes for deals and consistency in quality as the productivity of the office is facilitated by its supplies.

There are several ways however to save money on your office supplies. Some are common sense; a good example would be looking for printer ink. If you have to buy for an office you should be looking for the best prices and certainly buying for an expensive store in the mall is not in your company’s best interest. Why not look for good prices on printer ink online and additionally, purchase in bulk! Beyond the obvious money saving strategies, there are things that you can do and offers available to you that you may be unaware of. The trick is, finding out what options exist so you can save your office money without compromising on the quality of the items you source on their behalf.

Below are three of our tips on how to save money on your office supplies today. We hope you’ll find them useful!

Join Merchant Loyalty Programs:

A great way to save is to earn cash back on all your purchases. This cash back can then be used to roll into future purchases. Many large office supply chains offer savings incentives when you purchase from them exclusively. Some even offer discounts to clients who pay with credit cards over cash or check. When you sign up for loyalty programs you get information on new products first and they also offer you deeper discounts than they may advertise to the general public. Take advantage of this!

Exercise Your Rebate Options:

Major office supply merchants and even some of those you may be unaware of, often offer rebates on certain purchases. This is an excellent way to save your company some money. You don’t have to do much most times – no more than filling out a rebate form and mailing it in. Sometimes rebates come in the form of account credit and much like the loyalty programs you will be able to access rebated funds for future purchases. Find out what your options are and use them!

Free Software Helps:

There are many reputable download sites that offer free or beta testing versions of software that your company can use. From accounting software to document management software, the free downloads are safe and effective. While some may run for a trial period, there are others that are built for free use to the downloader and may prove very valuable to your business operations. Get in on this!

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