A Backpack from Vandal for Fitting Anything


A backpack from Vandal for fitting anything

This is a multi purpose bag and is ideal for you whether you ride on your bike or travel around on foot in any weather.


The backpack contains 3 sections primarily and another expandable compartment for fitting anything. The company gives life long warranty and is obtainable for $229.


You can stretch out this bag to big size. It does not get wet even during heavy rain. Your laptop can be placed in the center compartment without trouble.


The bag is not designed to accommodate cameras and other fragile items. The big sized extended portion is not weather proof.


Each bag is designed for some special purpose. Now it is difficult to choose from various options owing to the large number of bags available. For storing your laptop Mamba would be ideal and likewise, for shopping or traveling around this Vandal of Mission workshop would be great. This is the best choice and multipurpose back pack if you are not in the habit of carrying small and little things.

The Rambler is the bag from the same company which cost 30 dollars lesser than Vandal and a bit smaller in size.

This bag from Vandal looks like a medium sized suited for shopping and is protected from rain since it is water resistant. But you can dump literally anything into it if you unzip its side which opens a very big space. You can even dump your groceries and all your clothes if you are going on a vacation. I tested this bag when I was out to Seattle and dumped maximum things into the bag.

Since I had no chance to test the weather proofing capacity of this bag, I had to literally put it under shower. The result was very good and water did not accumulate on its surface or exist as patches. So, I would appreciate the smartness in its designing. But remember one thing, the extended or stretched out compartment is not waterproof. You can carry the things on it safely on a rainy day without extending the bag.

Apart from this, the straps of the bag have no specific places for putting them aside. On a windy day, if you are on your bike, then these straps would hit the ears or whip at the back of you while riding. Again, this is the issue with most of the back packs. It would be better if some things were present to lock the straps firmly.

You can comfortably keep your laptop in the middle compartment. But the bag is designed bigger although; it has no small sections to equip fragile items like camera or lens. Again this problem is seen in various other model backpacks also.


I feel the bag from Vandal is expensive ($229) and this is the price you have to pay for its durability and comfort. The smaller bag Rambler is priced $199 and it suits you if you are not carrying too many things.

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