Pros and Cons Of Cricket Engage LT


Pros and Cons Of Cricket Engage LT Budget smartphones does not necessarily sacrifice performance over affordability—it is highly a case-to-case basis that frustrates hasty generalization. There are a number of affordable phones that has above mid-range performance when it comes to the more important specifications such as processing speed and call quality.

This is why, if you are stuck with choosing among the many budget smartphones in the market today, you much be discerning in your decision. For example, if your company prize clear and uninterrupted call quality, then must look for handsets that will have no problem integrating with the features and functionalities of your business’ phone service providers—it does not matter whether you subscribe to high-end ones such as RingCentral or not.

Because determining the best Smartphone for your business primarily hinges on the needs of your enterprise’s specific needs, you must take time assessing your business situation before you set out selecting smartphones. If you are particularly looking for affordable phones, then you must be extra cautious since you may select a mid-range performing one.

You may have come across some budget smartphones in your preliminary research. Perhaps one of them is the Cricket Engage LT, an affordable Smartphone manufactured by the Chinese company ZTE. This device might strike you a disappointing, however, as most budget smartphones probably do. But, if you still want to consider this handset as one of your prospective devices, then reading what follows will help you.

Affordable yet not Really Cost-effective

With its price tag that says a mere $179.99, the Cricket Engage LT might lead you to believe that it will give value to your money. Perhaps it will in some instances but mostly it will not, primarily because there are similarly priced handsets that performs better than this one, for example the HTC One SV.

To elaborate, while the ZTE Cricket has some good qualities, such as a relatively better design as compared with other ZTE handheld devices, it has a heavy build, a less than stellar camera performance, and a sluggish processor. Thus, you might have the feeling that it gives you less than what you paid for.

Mid-range All the Way

In fact, it is hard to see in what specifications this Smartphone will give at least a more than average performance. While its design is chic, that is hardly a top consideration for smartphones, especially when used for certain functions. It is portable, however, with its entire 4.79 x 2.53 x 0.44” frame having no trouble fitting in your pockets. It is a hefty phone for its size, however, weighing 5.04 ounces.

Screen specification is also not something that you can write home about when it comes to the ZTE Cricket Engage LT. It sports a 4” WVGA panel that has a measly 800 x 480p resolution. This is particularly mid-range (expect a lot of graininess in the images and icons), although the apps’ icons and texts are sufficiently clear and the touchscreen responsive enough.

A Slightly Dated Operating System

The ZTE Cricket Engage LT runs on a dated 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, which also comes with the usual fare of Google apps including Gmail, Google Maps, Messenger, YouTube, Play, Books, Music, Store, Google Plus, and Local, among others. It also comes with basic task management apps that range the gamut from a calculator, an alarm clock, music and video players, a sound recorder, and a voice dialer, to name a few.

The ZTE Cricket Engage LT is fitted with a measly 1GHz dual-core processor. With this specification, you will be able to perform basic tasks such as browsing through the apps with undetectable sluggishness but will experience lags for more complicated tasks such as switching camera modes and loading applications.

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