Best Mobile Accessories for Business


Smartphones and tablets can help your business run more efficiently. In fact, 47% of businesses are supporting more mobile devices in the workplace because they increase employee responsiveness, decision-making speed, and issue resolution. Furthermore, customers experience faster issue resolution and improved satisfaction (Cisco).

Your phone systems are no longer running in the dark ages; you and your employees shouldn’t be either. The right mobile accessories can help business owners and their employees use their mobile devices more effectively, which will have important positive repercussions throughout the business. Look into acquiring some of the following accessories to use in conjunction with your mobile device.

Best Mobile Accessories for Business


Bluetooth technology is named after Harald Bluetooth, king of Denmark in the late 10th century, and the logo combines the Nordic runes for his initials. While Bluetooth wireless technology is used in a variety of tools and applications, it’s best known for its wireless headsets.

  • 10 states currently ban handheld cell phone use while driving. More states are likely to get on board in the future, as research has found that distracted driving causes 15 to 25 percent of all car crashes (GHSA).

Portable Chargers

When you experience heavy mobile device usage – lengthy or constant phone calls, heavy bandwidth usage – you can easily run out of battery power. When a car charger or wall outlet isn’t available, you  could experience a frustrating interruption in your work in the time it takes you to locate a suitable charging location.

If running out of juice is a danger for you, consider purchasing a portable charger, or “juice pack.” Charge the juice pack ahead of time, and when your device’s battery gets low, simply plug it into the pack to recharge.

  • You can even find portable chargers that use solar energy to recharge.

Tablet Keyboard

Tablets come with touch-screen keyboards as a matter of course, but these can be difficult to use over long periods. Tablet keyboards – which can come as part of a tablet case, or can roll or fold up to a smaller size – turn your tablet into a monitor and make it easier for you to touch-type at length.

Credit Card Reader

In conjunction with mobile POS software, you can make sales on the go with a mobile credit card reader. The reader hardware, which plugs into your device’s USB port, makes it so you don’t have to manually key in credit card numbers. This lowers your processing fees, increases payment security and decreases the time it takes to make a mobile sale.

  • Many mobile POS software programs provide you with the swiping hardware when you sign up for their services.

Tablet Car Mount

Having a tablet or other device mounted on the dashboard of their vehicle can be extremely helpful for delivery drivers, truckers, and workers who travel to provide services to their customers (plumbers, contractors, electricians, etc). The device can provide maps and directions to help drivers navigate unfamiliar roadways. When parked, workers can use the tablet to input work orders, customer information, hours, and other data into their business software systems – rather than filling out paper forms or waiting until they’re back in the office.

  • Check the distracted driving laws in your city and state to ensure that it is legal for you to have a device mounted to your dashboard.

With the right accessories, you can use your mobile devices more effectively in your business – by keeping them charged, enabling you to type easier, letting you accept mobile payments, and helping you navigate on the go.

Bio: Megan Webb-Morgan writes about business technology for, a B2B lead generation specialist.

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