Future of Cloud Computing


What Cloud Computing Means for Businesses

In the foreseeable future, it seems like cloud computing will be the only alternative. Thanks to cloud computing, well established businesses may no longer have the needs for CEOS, headquarters and even IT infrastructure. This is according to a publication that was carried by The Telegraph. Businesses that do not embrace cloud computing as part and parcel of fresh means of doing business will wrestle in order to survive over the coming decade. This was the message that was delivered by futurologist, James Bellini while speaking at the latest cloud computing conference which was hosted by The Telegraph in conjunction with Microsoft.

What the Experts had to Say

The following are some of the things that experts had to say regarding the future of cloud computing:

Lauren C. States – IBM Software Group

–          Cloud computing will enable everyone to become a service provider. Thanks to continuous technological development, infrastructure is no longer a restricting factor. However, focus will be placed mostly on business services as well as application.

–          Staff members will be in a position to utilize any apparatus, transact and control their tasks with relative ease.

–          The year 2012 will experience a lot of security breaches that will compel businesses to reconsider how they safeguard their applications plus data.

–          A new group of real-time, customized service providers will arise. These will foster partnerships to utilize the benefits of huge data, mobility and social media.

–          Within Africa, the merging of social, cloud and mobile will appear as crucial tools not only for businesses, but governments in regards to service delivery and economic growth.

Greg Ness – Silicon Valley Marketing Guru

–          The year 2012 will experience five additional public cloud outages. Businesses will embrace them since expectations had been set as early as 2010. Hybrid cloud strategies are already being embraced by public cloud clients.

–          Availability of VMware will bring an end to LAN difficulty thanks to partnerships plus in-house novelties round networking in addition to making considerable headway in terms of infrastructure 2.0

–          Arista Networks alongside Palo Networks will finally achieve new heights in respect to market awareness plus leadership.

–          There will be a new public cloud provide in the market.

Peter Coffee – VP and Head of Platform Research

–          Swelling volume of superficially commencing data, for example, social networks will be the driving force that will push businesses to cloud based analytics.

–          Increasing tablet utilization will result in huge numbers of multi-gadget users who will opt for cloud based tools such as Google Documents.

–          File-based styles of teamwork will cave in for cloud-based, informal models such as Chatter, thus making locations of files immaterial.

–          Sustained lack of IT expertise in spite of high overall unemployment. This in turn will depress challenging private cloud strategies.

–          Development flair will stress on Ruby on Rails as well as HTML5 in addition to other numerous other skill sets which will enhance cloud experience while at the same time weakening legacy preferences.

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