A Fake Pinterest App Shows Up In The Android Marketplace


The super-hot Pinterest site is attracting some fakes in the Google Android marketplace. If you are not aware of it, you will have not only a fake Android app on your smartphone, but advertising spam to go along with it. Read on to find out more on this phony work of code in this quick article.

You Are A Winner, Or, Maybe Not

How would you like to get, “Win a new iPad 2 today!” on your smartphone about every five minutes? That is close to what will happen if you downloaded a certain “Pinterest” app in the Android marketplace yesterday or today. The Pinterest app in the Apple iTunes store is good to go. The one in the Android store is not real and is spam. Some would even call it malware.

The “Bouncer” Program Needs To Improve

It has not been long since Google announced their “bouncer” scanner in their marketplace. It was not working so well over the past few days. The bouncer scanner is supposed to get rid of bad apps in the Android marketplace. This fake Pinterest app is now showing a blank page where there was once an app being advertised as being from Pinterest. The link on the app’s page was direct to Pinterest dot com. But the app was about as useful as a snooze button on a smoke alarm. It is not known how many had downloaded it before it was discovered, but for some reason it was getting near perfect five-star ratings.

Smartphone Spam Is Real

The unfortunate people who did happen to download it were deluged with “notification spam”. Things like, “Download a free MP3 today!” were showing up on the screen of those who downloaded the fake app. If you remember the fake Siri app that was in the Android marketplace, at least that one worked a little bit. This one is something that asks for your phone number and email for an even higher influx of spam.

Two Ad Networks Are Promoted By This Fake App

The fake app is using two mobile ad networks to push out the unwanted advertisments. One is called “Leadbolt” and the other is “AirPush”. If you were one of the unlucky ones to have downloaded the fake Android Pinterest app, you can check if you have these spammy services on your smartphone by downloading yet another app. The name of that one is “Addons Detector”. It is a valid app that has been used by more than 50,000 people to detect ad agents.

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