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If you find your workplace dull and uninspiring, then jazz up your office with these fun gadgets and gizmos!

1) Fun Slides Carpet Skates
Rediscover the child within with these amazing carpet skates! Perfect for whizzing around the office, these skates are sure to make even the most boring tasks fun! Best used far away from stairs, these may not be quite so well received by the head of health and safety.

2) Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps
Whether you’re marking papers or reviewing reports, a simple tick and cross just doesn’t sound like fun. Instead you need to pick up some stamps that will make your job a lot more entertaining. From Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’, to ‘Epic Win’ and ‘Epic Fail’, these humorous stamps are sure to brighten up your day!

3) Play More Notepad
If you tend to do a lot of brainstorming, then turn those rejected ideas into shot practice with a Play More Notepad.  On the back of each sheet of paper is a coloured design and when scrunched up the paper resembles a sports ball. Perfect for practicing your aim!

4) Origami Sticky Notes
But if you’re more into arts and crafts then sports, then what about some Origami sticky notes? Follow the instructions on each sheet and create a whole series of paper masterpieces to liven up your desk!

5) Fairground Candy Grabber
My fifth item may seem slightly indulgent, but it’s sure to make spontaneous snacking a lot harder! The Fairground Candy Grabber makes you work for your reward, and it’s the perfect procrastination tool! As you attempt to complete your challenge, you’re goaded on by the cheerful fairground music and while there is an option to turn the sound off, where’s the fun in that?

6) Desk Pets
If you ever start to feel a little lonely behind the cheap office partitions, then desk pets has the perfect solution! From Skitterbots to Trekbots, you’re sure to find the perfect electronic pet. But these pets aren’t all brainless remote controlled machines, some are actually quite intelligent and can even navigate mazes and roam free. Easily recharged by USB, they’re the perfect cubicle companions!

7) Desk Gong
My final gizmo is one for those who like to call the shots; with a gong people will know you mean business!  Cheap and easy to set up, this executive desk toy certainly won’t break the bank.

What gadgets and gizmos do you have in your office?

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James Duval is an IT Manager by day and an Xbox addict by night. He secretly wishes he could escape his desk and explore the world on his motorbike. He’s an avid writer and currently blogs for Applied Workplace Limited.

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