Video Box: YouTube’s Next Best Alternative


Video Box- YouTube’s Next Best AlternativeWith today’s current technology, famous video sharing sites are available and accessible. The downloading and sharing of videos can be done using the Video Box app. This is made possible through live mixing. Interestingly enough the Video box app is totally free and ad supported. This technology allows the users to traffic video from their computers to their phones. This is definitely what many people are looking for or have been searching for.

The main sources of the videos used on Video Box are YouTube and Video. The Video Box is slightly more superior to YouTube in that it has got an extra video source. However, the difference is very small as the search functions always give feedback from both Video Box and YouTube. Their navigation and video showing is alike leaving no notable difference whatsoever. Though, you will find the ads at the bottom of the screen which may portray some differences. The choice of weather to use YouTube or Video Box is entirely personal, though it is always nice to have more than one choice in anything. This allows the user some room to make comparisons on the features and functions thus creating a better understanding of the two.

Video Box has various advantages that overshadow any limitations that would be present. For instance, it has got the ability to download a video from the internet. Amazingly enough, this video does not have to be viewed immediately but can be watched much later. So if you are in a place low on internet coverage then this would be of great help as you can view the video at your convenient place and time. This enhances a great deal of flexibility. One cannot completely vouch for the total effectiveness of this feature as it has failed in some few individual cases. Though, the email function is very easy to locate and does not automatically connect with the address book. Therefore, one has to type out the address from the memory. This is an inconvenience to many.

Considering that Video Box is totally free, then thumbs up to it as it does a great job of searching for videos and playing them back. The lovers of YouTube can now have an alternative to work with. Video Box is disadvantaged as it does not share with Face book or Twitter but remember the email sharing works well as long as you insert the address. In a nutshell, Video Box can be described as a sufficient and good enough mobile application. Its download is entirely free of charge and applies mainly in watching and sharing user created videos. For most, the best things in life are free.

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