Top 5 Interactive Financial iPad Apps To Teach Kids Money Management Skills


No matter which value it is that you are trying to instil in your kids, it pays to start early. The good news is that these days, modern tools are available at your disposal to teach such values to your children. Technology is a language that they fortunately understand, and if you would like to grab their attention, no old school way of teaching them such values will do!

Teach Kids the Value of Saving Money with these Apps
Let’s take teaching kids the value of saving money as an example. These days, even toddlers know how to run their little fingers through the screen of Apple’s iPad. If they are already using such technology anyway, why not use it to your advantage so that they can learn a few things along the way?

There are hundreds of thousands of iPad apps to choose from and there are many programs which will help your kids develop their money management skills. Here are a few examples:

Learning Money with Leo
Suited for kids aged: 3 to 6 years old
As mentioned earlier, it pays to teach kids about the value of saving money as early as possible. If you have a son or daughter who’s three years old, download the “Learning Money with Leo” iPad app. Developed by RBC Royal Bank, this is a free app which serves as a fun way to teach your kids about the value of saving money. Upon start up, there are several icons that you will see including Match It, Solve the Maze, Gather the Coins, Read-Along Story, Spot the Difference, Sort the Coins, Coloring Book and My Sticker Book. The Coloring Book features a piggy bank; the game where coins should be sorted is quite fun and educational; and all the other features of the app are a fun way to teach your kids about money.

Save! The Game
Suited for kids aged: 4 to 7
This is a particularly useful app for older kids. Developed by Mass Mutual, Save! The Game teaches kids the difference between needs and wants. The 3D virtual fantasy game lets players collect money in a fun and interactive way.

Kids Money
Suited for kids aged: 8 to 9
Developed by Apps Rocket, this iPad app serves as a virtual piggy bank for children. Let’s say that your son wants to buy a guitar. He would be required to input the price of the guitar on the app, along with his expected earnings which could be his allowance. It will help your son evaluate and meet his financial goals, and the app will report the number of weeks that he would need to save in order to have enough money to buy the guitar or any other item that he wants.

Suited for kids aged: 14 to 15
For teenagers who would not want to be treated as kids anymore, Envelopes is a great iPad app to teach them how to manage their finances better. It teaches teens to keep track of their cash funds since they do not have any debit or credit cards to use just yet.

Bank of Mom
Suited for teens and tweens.
If you don’t want your daughter to end up with a mountain of debt even before she secures her first job, make her use the Bank of Mom iPad app. This is developed by Gomu Gomu, and it helps kids learn about lines of credit, withdrawals and bank accounts.

Download these interactive financial iPad apps and teach your kids early on about the value of saving and managing their finances.

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