How Corporate E Cards Can Help To Market Your New Products and Services


E card use by businesses has extensively grown during the last couple of years. There are several reasons why companies prefer them over their traditional counterparts. Not only they offer a cost-effective option, but they also offer environment friendly benefits and do not require any delivery time or charges.

Another major reason of using corporate e cards is that they help with marketing of new products and services. Companies can use several tools such as branding to enhance their e cards, increasing their potential to generate new leads when they go out to the recipients.

Tips to Market New Products and Services with the use of e cards

  1. Add details below Greeting Messages

Have you ever received an email from Apple? They do a pretty good job at marketing new products and services when they send holiday greetings to their customers. A large greeting message in text is accompanied by new product details at the bottom.

You can follow their example and add some details about new products and services at the bottom of your greeting message. It is important to highlight at the start that the e card contains more than a greeting. This is important because the client may just ignore if it is only a greeting as they are likely to receive greetings from several different companies.

How Corporate E Cards Can Help To Market Your New Products and Services

  1. Add New Products and Services in the Form of Pictures

Facebook sent out a virtual invitation for their event in Menlo Park where they unveiled the Facebook Home and the new smartphone. Apple’s invitations are also pretty inspiring, and they clearly hint that the company has something new to show clients and investors.

You can take inspiration from such invitations. Adding images about new products and services or hinting that you have something new coming up is a great way to generate interest among the recipients. As corporate e cards are easily customisable, it won’t be hard for you to add hints or actual products to the overall design.

  1. Add Customer Testimonials

If your new products and services have already been launched in the market, there will be some customers who are willing to share their opinion about their experience with the products. You can gather positive testimonials in your e card and if possible, add a small picture of the consumer as well.

It is important to make sure that testimonials do not take much space in your e card, so an ideal place for them would be below the greeting message or somewhere on the left or right side.

Positive testimonials are going to leave a great impression on the recipient of the e cards. When they find out your products and services have already been used by actual consumers and they have a positive opinion about their use, the recipients will be more interested in knowing about them.

Follow these tips to get the most out of e cards and generate leads and conversions for your new products and services.

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