Technology To Students: The Unmistakable Advantages and Disadvantages


It is very astonishing how technology has rapidly change student’s life and way of learning. Definitely, students are so much thankful with the Internet where they can easily share information promptly. And, thanks to it as they also will no longer have to carry heavy books to do research studies, but instead they are now able to ‘Google’ information that they need.

Technology To Students: The Unmistakable Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the favor given by these technologies?

Teacher-student Dynamic Communication

Thought the use of technology, students are having the convenience in communicating with teachers and their classmates all the time. The great advantage of which is that with the help of a social networking or even sending emails back and forth, teachers are able to address study concerns with students in a timely manner. And, this allows both teachers and students are able to effectively collect information efficiently.

Speedy Style of Learning

Availability of technology has provided an array of knowledge to students because it allows fast learning with a style.  Information needed by students are being presented in so many different ways. Meaning, it only does not limit to the Internet usage, but to other technological improvements, from a writing pad using an inked pen to tablet PCs.

Distant Education Accessibility

Easy download of references such as eBook, videos, and audio books, is always on the trend with students these days. It has greatly contributed to distant education around the globe.

Education is no Longer a Privilege

Since almost all information available over the Internet can be access, people from different walks of life are able to take advantage of these data without any discrimination.

Modern technology has changed the physical room in schools, but it does not totally remodeled because of its disadvantages. What are the drawbacks of these technologies?

Absence Skills of Communication and Interaction

With students’ increases of knowledge comes also the possibility of vanishing the ability to personally communicate and interact. The interaction between students and teacher, and students to their other classmates is not visible when using a computer. The emphasis of socialization has been taken away from students where it is one of the important reason why children go to school.

Lack of Interaction Leads to De-motivation

The lack of interaction between students does not drive them to work together, knowing that students working together get a much better motivation to more in their studies.

Low Socio-economic Status

Though general access to information is provided freely, not all students are exposed to computers and other types of technology due to socio-economic status. Not all students have computers at home and the mere chance that they can access a computer is only at school during their time. It places these students in learning up-to-date technological functions.

Modern technology may ultimately boost ability for students to learn, but it cannot replace how traditional method touches humanely.

Author Bio:Charmaine is a scholar, an author, and a speaker. Most of his educational essay works focus on the significance of technology on education globally.

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