The ABCs Of Business Administration


Managing a business is certainly never easy.  There are a lot of businesses owners who often struggle with keeping their companies afloat long enough to make a profit on regular basis, yet there’s no doubt that it can be quite challenging when it comes to behind the scenes.  While a company can always appear fruitful in terms of income on the outside, the manager of a small business will be spreading himself out way too thin if he decides to take on all important roles by himself.  Business management isn’t something that requires one person to be on top of it all, despite what many people believe.

In fact, it also involves getting all the right employees to carry out tasks which the manager cannot do because of a lack of time and that pressure can take its toll in his abilities to run the company properly.  After all, management is often defined as the ability of a person to put coordination in all organizational resources, whether it’s something material financial or even human.  A manager may be at the top of the food chain when it comes to a company’s organizational chart, yet this individual shouldn’t be expected to handle all things by himself.  However, there are some things that he needs to be aware of in order to succeed with is business endeavors.  Below are some essential components of business administration.

  1. Planning – This could either be short or long term.  Goals should be set for the company to achieve, and organizing them in a highly methodical manner.  Taking the logical sequencing approach makes it easier for someone of high stature, like a manager, to see which of the goals should be prioritized.  Therefore, careful planning is required in order to establish success for a business.
  2. Organizing – Managers need to build a structure within the company, mainly pertaining to ranking and separation of departments to avoid overlapping of responsibilities.  This would make it clearer for his employees to know what they’re expected to do, and how they should do it.  Policies will also be put in place in order to give order to the proceedings.  With organizing, managers can determine who does what, under whose command and how they can achieve all intended goals.
  3. Staffing – Business administration can be very successful so long as all the right people have been hired to perform a specific task.  This is where the importance of the recruitment process comes in.  To properly manage a business, the manager should interview potential applicants for the job and sort out which of them proves to be ideal for the positions they’re applying for.  Getting the right people in the right spots will certainly lead to a better structured organization that can only go up the ladder of success.

These are the three main components that business owners must take into consideration when it comes to proper business administration.  They are highly essential the growth and development of any business establishment.

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