5 Ways to Get More out of Your BlackBerry


5 Ways to Get More out of Your BlackBerry

I became the proud owner of a smart new BlackBerry six months ago, and even though the iPhone and Android fanatics are swearing by and raving about their cherished possessions, I don’t think I will ever switch loyalties. The BlackBerry may not be as good-looking as many other phones (in fact, it’s only the later models that look sleek and sexy; the older ones resembled bricks and were more focused on performance rather than appearance), but it sure as hell has its own appeal. So if you’ve just got yourself a shiny new Berry, or even if you’ve had one for some time, here’s how you can extract the most juice out of it:

  • Use the “In Holster” and personalization settings: One aspect in which the BlackBerry scores high above most other smartphones is that it allows you a large number of options when it comes to personalizing your device. You can not only assign different ringtones for groups and individuals, you can also set unique tones for each of your email accounts, text messages, social network updates and messages, and every other application that resides on your phone. In addition to this, you can set your phone to alert you with the blinking orange LED (unique to the BlackBerry) or vibrate when in the holster for the messages that are most important. When you can change settings for every folder and every application, you know which calls, mails and text and instant messages are important and which can be ignored for the time being.
  • Hook it up to your computer: Not many people do this, but I find that it works wonders for me when I’m on the move and need a bigger screen and more flexibility than the BlackBerry provides. When you use your BlackBerry as a modem, you can browse the web at high speeds through a seamless connection which is faster than most other portable data connections, especially if you have access to 3G service. Just ask your service provider for an unlimited data plan, download the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application to your computer, connect your device via the cable (don’t depend on Bluetooth for this), and choose your service provider (it’s amazing how BlackBerry has included providers all over the world) from the dropdown menu (this step needs to be performed only the first time you connect), and press Connect. You’re online in no time at all.
  • Don’t link all your email accounts to your device: There’s nothing more annoying than a phone that keeps beeping with message after message, especially when they’re mostly forwards and unimportant mails. So avoid clutter on your BlackBerry by connecting only the most important email accounts to your phone, and letting the rest remain on the server until you can check them on your computer. Also, remember to periodically clear out the messages from your phone so that you have enough memory space for other data and applications.
  • Invest in a second battery: Probably the biggest drawback of all BlackBerry devices is that they don’t feature long talk and standby times – the battery drains out pretty quickly, especially if you use your phone for data more than voice. The best way to get around this problem is to buy a spare battery for your device – it costs hardly $20 and is an investment you won’t regret. Keep your second battery charged (use your device or buy a simple stand-alone charger) and ready to use when you’re on the go and have no means of charging your device when your primary battery runs low.
  • Learn a few shortcuts: There are many shortcuts in using the BlackBerry – like the fact that pressing the spacebar twice will insert a full stop and a space, so all you need to do to signal the end of a sentence is to do this. Press down on a letter longer to capitalize it instead of using the Shift key or pressing Caps Lock; when typing an email address, hit space when you need the @ symbol and another space when you need the “.” and they’re automatically entered; and you can press Alt+O to see just the outgoing messages in your Inbox, Alt+I for incoming messages, and Alt+S to see text messages only.

As you can see, the deeper you delve into the workings of a BlackBerry, the more you can get out of this elegant and efficient smartphone.

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