Samsung Epic 4G Review


The Samsung Epic 4G contains features that are not found in other Galaxy S phones. This phone is a multimedia livewire but it has a good amount of price attached to it.


The Epic 4G is not an extraordinary looking phone rather fair looking phone with circular edges, rounded corners and a shiny black area, successfully adding to its design and appearance. It has a length of 4.9 inches, width of 2.54 inches, thickness of 0.56 inches and a weight of 5.46 ounces, offering a reliable, robust and sturdy feel to the hand.

The Epic 4G offers the Super AMOLED display that can show 16 million colors with a WVGA resolution for vibrant and amazing graphics. The Super AMOLED display screen also looks great under sunlight. The touch screen offers a great touch and flips through the menu, being quite responsive. The Epic 4G has an accelerometer, a proximity sensor, a Swype and an Android keyboard. The four standard Android phones touch sensitive keys are located below the display; Menu, Home, Search and Back.


Samsung Epic 4G supports EV-DO Rev. A and Sprint’s WiMax, 3G and 4G, being a CDMA phone. The ground features of this phone include voice dialing, conference calling, speakerphone, multimedia and text messaging, visual voice mail, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other applications such as navigation applications including Google Maps.

The Epic 4G contains a VGA front facing camera and it has the video chat application by Qik in it. Qik can be used to video chat with others who are also online from a PC and you can use it with Wi-Fi, 4G and 3G networks. The Android Webkit browser, an alarm clock, calculator, Google Talk, Office, Facebook, Asphalt video game, memo pad, ThinkFree and YouTube are amongst the many features of this phone. Applications of Sprint can also be downloaded and enjoyed in this phone.

The Epic 4G has the Super AMOLED display which is excellent to see media files. It has a phone memory of 1 GB but it can take up to 16 GB microSD cards. The camera is 5.0 megapixels with a high quality picture image and an LED flash to help in light colored pictures.


Testing on the performance of this phone, it can download heavy websites in a quick time. YouTube videos are also downloaded very quickly while Amazon took a little few seconds. The Sprints 4G WiMax network is capable of providing an average download speed of 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps with highest download speeds of 10 Mbps.

When tested on performance, the Samsung Epic 4G gave a good call quality with a little distortion in the callers voice but not so much to destroy the call completely. It has the 1 GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 Application Processor which makes applications load quickly as ever. Multitasking and menu switching does also not bother while using in this phone. The battery of the Epic 4G gives 7.5 hours talk time and 21 days at standby time. The overall performance of the phone is good and it is definitely better than its pre descendants!

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