Call Recording Software Technical Facts Which You Might Not Know


Call recording software will record a phone conversation through VoIP or PSTN in digital audio file formats. It is different than call tracking and logging, which will record only details about phone conversations but not the actual discussion. Software can include both logging and recording functionality.

Nowadays call recording is really important. Technology keeps advancing and makes working habits highly mobile. Many financial regulating rules have to be respected and laws exist that protect people from unsolicited recordings. Actual recordings take place on recording systems that have special software for call management and recording security. The software applications will usually rely on the use of analogue signals through telephony boards or recording adapters.

A digital line cannot actually be recorded. The only situation in which that is possible is when the software will decode and capture proprietary digital signaling. There are some modern systems that can do that but most of the regular systems cannot. Digital PBX can be utilized in order to process proprietary signals before actually recorded on computers. Hardware adapters can also be utilized on phone handsets when digital signals will be converted to analogue signals.

VoIP recording stands out as being restricted to software that is developed by the IP PBX or softphone creator. Packet capture technology can be utilized to passively record a VoIP phone call through LAN. Hardware becomes necessary in order to have a voice signal available for computer equipment. Most of the call recording software products available on the market today also include hardware to make the entire system really easy to implement.

When a company wishes to record mobile phone calls, hardware adapters are necessary. However, you can record mobile calls in many different ways. Some companies will route the call with the use of PBX systems that are linked to recorders. This is a system that is quite expensive when you want to buy it and you also have to deal with incurring running costs. If you want to use a different approach, you can link existing recording systems that come from PDA phones. These are approaches that will allow recording timestamping, which is regularly necessary because of legal reasons. Direct mobile device recording is not considered as being legally valid and cannot be used in a court of law or as evidence.

The bottom line is that it is really difficult to implement call recording software because of the fact that the technology is not commonly known. You need to make sure that you work with an exceptional provider in the event that you want to utilize the technology, especially when there are legal aspects that have to be taken care of.

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