Pantech Matrix Pro


Pantech Matrix Pro

Pantech duo is the first Windows mobile of a reasonable price with some real better features. The new windows mobile Pantech Matrix pro comes with an HSDPA quad band GSM on a 3G network with a 2 megapixel camera, GPS, 256 MEGS of flash ROM, 128 MB of RAM and a Bluetooth 2.0. This phone is a standard 6.1 edition of Windows mobile. It has a two way slider with one having the traditional number pad and the other with a QWERTY keyboard. The missing features in this phone that a lot of people are looking for is the Wi-Fi and touch screen. Due to its plastic casing it is unlikely to be easily damaged, but because it has a shiny surface you need to handle it with care. However it has a microfiber sleeve that clears dirt and dust in phone while sliding it in and out.

The phone seems difficult to hold as it is slippery at times, but the phone is thick and curved that makes it easier to grip as well. The number pad is elegantly flat and the buttons are large, which makes it easier and convenient for people who send a lot of messages or write emails, FB & Twitter statuses, etc. There is an SDHC micro SD card slot under the plastic door which can be accessed easily. The QWERTY keypad has clear marked keys but there are a few keys that makes it user unfriendly, like there is no key for start menu. Matrix Pro can be used around the world by using AT&T SIM card. Voice clarity is very satisfactory with this phone. It has speed dials and call history features as well. It can go with the different headsets which makes it better than Pantech Duo.

There is Internet Explorer but it is hard to use on a small screen but is still better than some other phones that has web browsers option. IT has java VM, but java VM will keep on creating problem when used for data connection underlying the point of user unfriendliness. For emails, it handles POP3 and IMAP and exchange email efficiently. It also gives the option of window live messaging and yahoo. It has integrated GPS; even maps can be downloaded by using AT&T data connection. However there are no problems in getting signals, it has a 2.0 megapixel camera that some believe is not very good when taking indoor pictures, however, outdoor shots are of good color. The indoor shots are dark, resulting with problems regarding camera resolutions. Plus, the battery life is pretty good.


The mobile is an awesome achievement after the launch of Pantech duo. It shows effective improvement in the browser, e-mail sending options and other various features. But due to the wide availability of other phones in the market that also provide the same features, it makes popularity a bit difficult for Matrix Pro. But there are those people who prefer to have because they do not favor the QWERTY key pad and the sliders. Its faster Central Processing Unit is also its plus point, its battery life and 3G adds more value to it.


It’s got small size, appealing look, a better reception, good sound quality, fast browser and convenient keypad.


  • Voice quality has some problems.
  • Wi-Fi is not available.

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