SCX 4828FN from Samsung Printer for Printing Huge Volumes


SCX 4828FN from Samsung Printer for printing huge volumes

It is always essential to look out for the features you really need rather than selecting a device with unwanted elements just for the sake of it. So, if you are tracing for a medium priced laser printer for printing out huge volumes of print for your office, then SCX 4828FN from Samsung priced $349 is the right choice.

The appearance and design are stylish and slick for finding a place at your office. The profile of the printer is narrow near the bottom and wide at the top portion and hence it can be suitably placed at one corner in your office. If the printer is fully extended for scanning function then you may require more space on the top portion.

The assembly is strong enough even though its outer casing is made of plastic. The weight of 32 pounds indicates that it is composed of good amount of standard metal inside. The machine does not produce even slight shake in the process of printing. Hence the unit as such should be of good quality for medium price.

The automatic document feeder unit can store 50 papers and it can be of different sizes. The LCD screen is very small and is capable of showing only 32 characters and it is not readable in dim light since it is not illuminated. Since the buttons and the background are of same colour it is difficult to differentiate them in dim light and this feature was not dealt with practical approach.

You have to depend on the menu system for performing various functions via 5 way selection button. By pressing the respective buttons, the printer can print, scan and copy the document as directed. If you want to alter some settings then the process is lengthy to carry on.

On opening the lid, you can see one toner cartridge inside the device. The model has two paper trays, one for holding 250 sheets of standard sized paper and the other for handling special paper of different sizes. If you need, you can purchase another optional tray for handling additional 250 pages.

Installing the SCX 4825FN was smooth and clear. You can alter the settings of the printer and monitor its status and perform various other actions. This model does not support wireless connection; hence you can make use of an Ethernet device.

The printer has an ADF and duplexer unit at this medium price. It does not make any noise while printing and you can conveniently talk over the phone while the printing is on.

The USB feature in this model is very useful and practical. The speed of SCX 4828FN was outstanding and it could print documents with above average speed. With its exceptional laser print the text of the documents and graphics looked great.

The consumables of this model are very low comparing with other printers and you can save good amount in using this device. Hence, if your demands are huge volumes of prints daily then this printer can satisfy you with great speed and quality at low cost.

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