Ideal Printer for Less Print-out: P713w from Dell


Ideal Printer for Less Print-out: P713w from Dell

An excellent feature with this P713w is its remarkable LCD screen which is 4.3 inches size. The printer is priced $199 and equipped with wonderful features like wireless connectivity and duplex printing. The only downside with this printer is its demanding cost per page and its speed. This would be an ideal printer for your office if you are not going to print lot daily.

The printer P713w is stylish and good looking with black glossy surface and curvy edges. It comes in medium size and has in built wireless connection. The remarkable LCD slot displays brighter texts and you can easily read them from a distance. This screen can also be used for print preview and is far better than the other printers of same price.

The P713w makes use of two cartridges big and small suited for colors and black respectively. The problem of having all the colors in a single cartridge is even if one is running out you will have to buy a fresh cartridge even if you have other colors on it. The printer consists of a single tray which can be used for inserting paper and photo. And it can hold 150 paper sheets normally.

There was no difficulty while installing the drive on the computer. You have to install USB port on the first installation even the printer supports WI-FI. Apart from casual disturbances the printing was smooth and easy. You should remember to follow the guidelines of paper markings during inserting and pulling out its extender.

The printer was able to print without much noise and was good even for two side prints. The eco mode feature allows you to make use of duplex print when needed. You can also control and save power when the printer is not in frequent use.

The P713w could do scanning and copying much easy. You can alter the settings for doing both operations from the main menu. The printer produced great printouts with clear texts and images which matched laser quality prints. When tested for both graphics and text also, the printer’s output was great. Basically Dell Company publicized this printer as excellent photo printer. It is true and the color and brightness of the photo was superb and unmatched.

On testing for color printouts, the printer initially jammed all the colors and the printout looked like a photo negative. Another drawback with this P713w is it often printed black colored bars when tested for graphics and textual document. Some alterations made on the brightness and sharpness could solve this issue.

On the aspect of speed of its performance, the printer was little slow when compared with other models when printing text documents. But while printing photos and graphics the speed was above average.

Equipped with lot of useful features, the printer P713w could cost you more for buying ink cartridge. If you are not bothered about that extra money, this printer is suitable for your office computer which demands only fewer printouts often.

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