The New Waterproof SVP WP5300 Digital Camera – Powerful Little Camera For A Little Price


The New Waterproof SVP WP5300 Digital Camera – Powerful Little Camera For A Little Price

Because the beach and water parks are such popular venues in which people can take photos and make all kinds of memories, the demand for waterproof digital cameras has become more and more competitive and has opened up a new branch in the market. As a result, wide selections of great new waterproof models have been produced that buyers can choose from. One of the newest models is the SVP WP5300 Digital Camera, a camera that has an amazing image sensor with 12 MP of shooting quality. Not only that, but it also has built-in software for image editing which allows you to enhance your photos while you’re lounging in your hotel room after that fun trip to the beach, or even while you’re out at dinner, waiting for your food.

Included with your purchase is a 2 GB memory card with a micro slot, which allows you to expand up to an 8 GB SD memory card. Another cool feature—other than the fact that if you get it wet it won’t die—is an 8x digital zoom and an 2.5 inch color TFT LCD display. There is also another amazing feature—this camera can actually tell when you’re smiling! As soon as a person smiles, the camera mode reacts and automatically catches the image without you even touching the shutter. It can also recognize the face of your mother, or your best friend, because it features a clever Face Detection technology that detects typical face patterns. It can detect up to five faces, all using fancy algorithms. It can also automatically focus, set the flash, and adjust the exposure based on color information it gathers.

Now about the waterproof part. The SVP WP5300 Digital Camera can withstand up to 10 feet under water, which is a lot compared to older models. It stores images in JPEG format and is also capable of recording videos in the video format M-JPEG. The package includes 2 AAA batteries, a user manual and a wrist strap.

This is a small and light camera – it measures just 4.0×3.0x1.0 mm – and is also inexpensive: coming in at just $61.99. A perfect treat to take with you for a vacation, and with no need to worry about getting it wet, you don’t have to guard it all the time when you go to the beach! This is certainly a fine camera which can fulfill all your needs, and much more.

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