How to Succeed in Network Marketing


The Recipe to Succeed in Network Marketing

Network marketing, or MLM as it is also known, is both enticing and intimidating to many people. It has made many people millionaires, and it has brought others to the brink of poverty. Why the discrepancy? What about all of those claims that this anyone can do this business, and that the products sell themselves? What about those sponsors who promise you’ll only have to work an hour or two a day? Frankly, all of those claims are false and there are a few unscrupulous marketers out there that will say anything to get others into the business.

The fact is, network marketing is a brilliant business model; but, success won’t happen overnight and you will have to work at least an eight hour day five or six days a week, at least in the first few years. The business is not suited to everyone – there is no ‘one size fits all’ business. If you are not a people person, don’t like sales, and don’t like prospecting or cold-calling, you are going to have an extremely hard time building your business. However, if you love to talk to people, on the phone, in person or via email, and you love sales, then you are definitely suited for network marketing. However, it takes more than that to make it in this business. Here are some things you need to incorporate into your overall business plan and marketing strategy.

  • Find a good company with good products: If you believe in the company and its products you will be much more convincing when you are selling the products to others. You can’t sell something that you don’t believe in or have never even tried.
  • Get your own website: Most companies provide a generic website for their associates, but it is best to have your own. This sets you apart from your competition. Keep in mind the company will have certain rules and restrictions you will have to follow.
  • Market and Network offline: Don’t depend solely on online marketing strategies. Network offline as well; go to networking meetings in your area, put ads in print publications and talk to everyone you know, right down to your local dry cleaner.
  • Invest in Yourself: Create a daily routine of reading motivational and self-development materials. This will build your confidence and your leadership skills.
  • Learn more about the company and its products: Learn everything you can about your company and all of the products. You’ll want to be ready when potential customers ask you questions. If you can’t answer them, they likely won’t buy from you.
  • Go to every sales meeting/convention: This will also help you learn more about the company and give you the inspiration and motivation you need to build your business.
  • Create goals and objectives: Know what it is you want to achieve from your network marketing business. How much money do you want to make? How many people do you want to recruit each month?
  • Be honest and fair with others at all times: Be sure and communicate exactly what it takes to succeed and don’t tell people that they will make money overnight or that they won’t have to work for success. People will appreciate your honesty.

About: Amber Tate has been in the business of sales for over a decade and credits much of her success to having a strong network. Recently, one of her contacts was able to help her save over $400 on both her life and travel insurance premium from

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