Apple iPhone 5S allegedly coming on June 20


Have you been waiting for the next generation iPhone that has always been rumored to be on the way? The upgraded iPhone 5 according to a leaked internal document will actually be announced on the 20th of June and may hit the markets by July.

iphone 5s

The internal document that was from the Japanese carrier KDD revealed that the iPhone will actually be announced as stated although the information has not yet been verified by the Apple whether the specific dates and the features are correct.

The next generation iPhone known as iPhone 5S is expected to be available in the major stores all over the world not later than July this year. As an Apple iPhone fun that has been eagerly waiting for this device, this is very good news for you as you look forward to get the device in the stores very soon.

The unique features of the Apple iPhone 5S

According to the leaked document, this iPhone 5 S will be able to run on the upcoming iOS7 operating system which is the best for the functionality of this current generation iPhones Smartphone

It will have an upgraded camera at the back which will be up to 13 MP as well as compared to the one in the iPhone 5 which was only 8 MP. It will also be well equipped with a 2 MP front shooter and this will also have the ability to even record full HD videos

The Apple iPhone 5S is also well equipped with the dual – shot functionality of the camera and it is actually the first iPhone to have such a feature which is usually seen in the Samsung and the LG phones mostly.  This improved camera is perfect for photo shooting and video which is best of this generation who love the videos and images.

The initial information about the improved camera of the Apple iPhone 5S

This Apple iPhone 5S has initially been mentioned to be on the way to hit the market with a much improved camera. As mentioned above, the camera will have the dual-shot which means using both the front and back camera for video or picture taking at the same time.

However, this dual shot feature of the iPhone 5 S will not be available on the older iPhones as it will feature exclusively in the iPhone 5 S Smartphone that it was meant for but if there will be any more information on this then you will be posted.

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