6 Free Home Repair Apps To Help You DIY


These days, many people rely on the quality of their equipment more than ever. Why? Because they’re so afraid of having to pay big bills for a home repair that they don’t even want to have a problem in the first place. But there’s a different way to have more confidence about everything you have going on at home, and that’s becoming a better do-it-yourselfer.

After all, home repair knowledge in the information age is just a few clicks away at any given time. This is especially true if your mobile phone has access to home repair applications that are designed to take you out of the dark when it comes to home repair and shed a little light on what was once a difficult process. Here are 6 (free) home repair apps to help you save money on buying repair services.

1. iHandy Level
Using a level is great and all – if you have one around the house. If you don’t, well, what are you supposed to do? Just turn to your phone and download the iHandy Level application, which does all of the things a normal level will accomplish but does it without requiring any additional storage space in your tool box. It’s great for everything from home repair to simply straightening out a few picture frames.

2. Clog Doctor
Provided by the brand Drano, the Clog Doctor is an app that doesn’t just act as a tool, but as an instructor as well. It will help you to diagnose any drain problems you’re having by interacting with you and helping you get to the root of the clog.

3. BTU & Heater Calculators
Fill in your home’s information and you’ll be able to find out all sorts of thing you didn’t know about what’s going on between (and including) the walls around you. This app allows you to not only get some statistics about your home that you weren’t aware of, but estimate a price if you’re looking to undertake more major repairs.

4. ColorSnap
Presented by Sherwin Williams, this app is great for touch-up repairs around the house if you aren’t able to find the original paint color you need to touch up. You can simply use this app to record the color you need to touch up and the app will come back with a Sherwin Williams paint color that best matches your needs.

5. House Repair Talk Mobile
Using this application allows you to speak with other DIY-ers and get feedback about a home repair, as well as answers to your questions if you’re stuck on a particular problem. After all, some apps won’t be able to provide you with all the answers – unless they can hook you up with the people who do have some answers!
6. Houzz Interior Design Ideas
If you’re looking to make an upgrade after a repair, this application is exactly what you need, helping to inspire you with interior design ideas that will fix old problems and modernize the inside of your home.

Chris Turberville-Tully is a marketing strategist for Purely Shutters, a UK company offering various styles, types and shapes of shutters. Purely Shutters has four offices in Birmingham, Nottingham, Cheltenham and Cardiff.

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