Altec Lansing Octiv Stage MP450


Looking at the launch of the Altec Lansing Octiv Stage MP450, the first thing that comes into mind is the G4 iMac. This docking speaker system is used for all three; iPad, iPhone and the iPod.

Once you’ve placed the iPad onto the dock, you could then use the rotating connection arm to adjust the angle; it could be landscape or portrait. This allows you to have the liberty of multiple viewing angles so that you could see it from different angles.

The product has been priced at $149.99 and is targeted towards those users who wish to watch videos on their iPads. The convenience of the product is such that you can keep it anywhere, be it the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or any other place. The fine audio alignment audio technology allows users to experience surround sound system. The stereo quality is superb; there is no distortion in the sound. This allows you to sit anywhere and enjoy great quality music. If you further wish to attach more audio sources to it then it has the 3.4mm auxiliary jack which you could use.


If we review the features of Altec Lansing Octiv Stage MP450, this product does not have much to offer other than the audio. It just has a power button, a volume control and a small remote which allows you to do minor changes to the settings. Most users would have preferred a USB port so that they could sync their iPad, and charge their phones and other portable devices.

The product is preferably satisfactory for those who just wish to use it for basic purposes and not for hardcore audio listening. If you wish to play loud music with heavy bass then this product might not be right for you. The bass offered is very thin and music doesn’t have the vibrant feeling to it.

The feature which goes onto impress users the most is its designing. Using an Octiv Stage MP450 with an iPad to go with it, would definitely do wonders to the audio experience. These two products together could make one small entertainment center.

One factor which is lacking is the availability of built in FM Radio. Often users prefer to listen some alternative music, when their portable devices are being charged. Had Altec Lansing added this feature, it would have been a great success.

The only advantage Octiv has on its competitors is design. If we compare this product with a product such as iHome iA100, the difference between the two is quite obvious. These differences would include FM Radio, Bluetooth speaker phone, better sound quality etc. However, for these differences you would have to pay $50 more.

The Good: Elegant design, availability of different angles, docks perfectly well with iPad, iPod and iPhone.

The Bad: Low or no bass, highly priced for the features available.

The Result: If you wish to adjust your iPad in different angles then this product is very suitable for your needs. However in terms of audio, it might disappoint you.

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