Gyration Air Mouse from Elite


Gyration Air Mouse from Elite

A wireless accessory (mouse) with a friendly interface for your computer is from Elite. It is very simple and easy to operate and does not require connectivity to the system. It has eight buttons of which three can be programmed, and is priced $80.


The mouse is highly flexible and operates and functions precisely. This contains an optical mouse in built which works very well.


Some trouble is witnessed in its software development. The double clicking of mouse is difficult to operate.


Air mouse is an input device which makes use of gyros and accelerometers for locating the orientation and position of mouse and accordingly the cursor moves as per the movement of the mouse.

The process of installing the mouse was simple and clear on OS Windows 7. Likewise, installing on your laptop is also easy and the configuration application existing in the Menu guides you through the entire process. The interface is user friendly and simple. Out of the eight buttons available, you can make changes only with three buttons. The big button on the center is for making and identifying gestures and all other keys seen at the right and left side are fixed.

By its appearance the mouse looks somewhat bizarre since it exists both as an air mouse and as an optical mouse. It is rather bulky when kept inside my hand. The keys meant for gesture and media can be accessed easily but it is hard to press the right and left buttons when keeping the mouse activated by holding its trigger with your hand. The task of double clicking is troublesome and you may not believe me, sometimes even single clicking is challenging with this air mouse. First you have to release the holding trigger to stop its motion. After that you can double click and resume tracking again with the trigger. I wish that there should be some proviso for accommodating double clicks in a single button.

However, gestures work well enough in this mouse. It gives you personalized listing of gestures depending upon the application you are using currently.

Various tools are included with precise knowledge in this air mouse for helping you conveniently on presentation. This includes drawing a picture, putting stamps, highlighting some portion and much more. These tools are designed for practical purpose of presentation and lecture.

The air mouse is highly responsive in nature and the responses are almost instantaneous. It really serves the purpose for which it is built.

Since it has to be used along with the cradle, you cannot take it wherever you want and not ultra portable. If you wish you can set it as an optical mouse also. And in this setting, you can conveniently double click as many times you want.

To conclude this air mouse is meant for you if you are often giving slideshows or lectures, or if you are using your computer for public shows, or for loading movies in your computer. All its functions are good except the basic act of clicking.

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