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Gone are the days of mobile phones simple being used to make calls and send text messages. And gone are the days when the public were happy to carry something as big as a laptop around with them to assist in tackling smaller computer tasks. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly part of day to day life for the majority of people in the western world and as such, developers are continuously creating apps for every need and problem. The demand for convenience of information on the move is the main driver of this new technology and with the economy at the forefront of many people’s minds; money saving apps are becoming very popular.

Here are the top 5 money saving apps available today.

Voucher Cloud

What is does: The voucher deal culture is now available through mobile devices through a number of apps. However, Voucher Cloud is consistently top rated for its diverse and wide range of discounts and of course its cost – free! The app identifies the user’s location and offers deals and discounts in the local area including independent shops and restaurants.

Cost: Free

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Fuel School

What is does: This clever app is able to analyse your driving via GPS and produce suggestions on how you could adapt your driving style to save fuel and maintenance costs. With fuel prices at a record high and this app’s developers claiming savings of up to 10%, Fuel School could pay for itself time and time again, even if you only gain a few extra miles from your tank.

Cost: £0.69

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows

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Nosey Parker

What is does: An incredibly useful app that identifies and directs you to the closest free parking wherever you are. Although this app is slightly more expensive than others, the cost of parking per hour, especially in city centres, can be well over the purchase price.

Cost: £2.99

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Red Laser

What is does: Allowing users to use their camera as a barcode scanner, this app compares prices from sellers both local and online. The results show where the product can be purchased and for what cost, making sure the user pays a competitive price for their chosen product. Additionally, stock levels are supplied along with an alert feature for when the product comes back in stock.

Cost: Free

Available on: iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry

Image courtesy of JD Hancock, Flickr


What is does: This app provides users with local telephone number alternatives to the very costly 0870, 0845 and 0800 prefixes. Average savings on calls made from a mobile is 35p a minute, meaning just two minutes on a call covers the purchase price. A great return on investment!

Cost: £0.69

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows

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