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Quick Tips To Effective Social Media For Your Business


Facebook and Twitter are two words you cannot go a whole day without hearing these days. The rise of social media in recent years has skyrocketed and the networks fingerprints can now be seen any and everywhere.

Social media representation for your business is no longer optional, they are a necessity! The number of unique visitors using social media outlets is increasing steadily (rapidly in some cases) each year. To put their importance in perspective, social networks now capture 400m people, a staggering 22% of the global population (We Are Social, 2012).

There are a few general guidelines to how you can increase your business potential through focused social media sites:

  • Understand Social Media- Understanding what they are and understanding what they are capable of are two completely different elements. Social media outlets provide a great opportunity to increase company awareness, help build links and generate more traffic to your domain. Spend some time looking at social media from a consumer’s point of view as well as a business perspective. If you are still not entirely sure about how social media can positively affect your business then there are a variety of courses and seminars you can attend to assist you in making the most of this great marketing tool.

  • Continue Brand Identity And Behaviour- A common problem that businesses have is implementing less time and effort into social media and not remaining professional as they assume the networks require this relaxed approach- this is not the case! Continue using your usual business/brand behaviour to maintain your identity and not be condescending to a potentially huge customer base. Another frequent setback businesses endure is lack of direction and incoherence. This can easily be remedied by a clear and detailed social media strategy implemented at the very start of your social media campaign.

  • Measure Your Social Media Returns- Though it may not be as easily monitored as other marketing tools used in your business, it is vital to ensuring your social media campaigns are effective. You can measure your social media ROI by using your existing web analytics and metrics tracking.

  • Watch The News- The key to successful social media campaigns is to keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments to make sure you’re not falling behind others in your industry. Check the news section of the social media sites every day or sign up to their RSS feed to ensure you’re kept in the loop.
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