Forecast Weather with Weather and Toggle Widget for Android


Forecast Weather with Weather and Toggle Widget for AndroidWeather and Toggle Widget is a first-class widget pack for Android which is absolutely loaded with amazing features, designed especially for those people who never miss to obtain information regarding the daily weather forecast.  It comprises of three weather widgets which comes in different sizes, a beautiful flip clock widget, and about ten or more toggle widgets.

This software is instantly functional the moment it is installed in the user’s mobile. The application is comprised of various remarkable features ranging from customization settings for a more personal layout to useful add-ons, accurate weather forecasting, and amazing animations. First off would be the Toggle Widgets that contain a set of switches which allows the users to manipulate some of their phone settings such as GPS, 3G, brightness level, and Wi-Fi. It also includes a Fahrenheit and Celsius setting for additional information on the environmental temperature. There is also a weather dialogue box portion where the animated graphic of the current weather in the user’s location is shown including the forecasted weather for the following three days. The application definitely has lots of cool animation. It has a very detailed graphic of the weather which can also be changed to different designs. The application also makes it possible to match the themes of the toggle switches and the widget to give it a uniform look. The application is fully customizable. Users can actually download different skins for the application from the Android market. Another incredible feature of this application is that it has a screen shot option. This enables the users to view the surrounding areas since the application shows them images of how it looks like. Take for example if the users are heading to a certain place or direction, they would already know beforehand what they would come across on the way to their destination.

The only downside of this application, which is not really much of a problem, is that sometimes, it tends to run a little slow and can be buggy. But other than that, it has a high mark for the performance. It would also be better to see more themes added in the later versions. Another thing, the application can consume quite a lot of battery.

The Weather and Toggle Widget for Android is a very handy and easy-to-use application which is loaded with very useful, cool and amazing features that do not come in other applications. The user interface is very sleek and visually appealing. It undoubtedly goes far and above the call of duty. What’s good about it is that the users can have a free version of the product for them to try the application and test its efficacy. Though it does not have all the features compared to the donate version, it still allows the user to change the application themes and customize It according to their preference. The donate version can be downloaded for a price of $1.99 in the Android market. It definitely is a very good investment, and is totally worth the download.

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