Samsung Galaxy S7: Release Date & Specs


It is never early to discuss about upcoming smartphones from Samsung. Today, we are going to talk about the smartphone of 2016 the Samsung Galaxy S7. Just for your information, we want to tell you, Samsung have not released the Galaxy S6 yet but you can expect it within couple of months.


Before going to the Samsung Galaxy S7, let’s discover the most awaited smartphone of the Galaxy S6. Previous rumors for the display of S6 suggested the range from 5.3 to 5.5-inch screen size. But with the time and leaks, it is clear that 5.1 inches, so the size of the Galaxy S5. It should act, which brings it to 577 ppi in any case, a qHD screen (1,440 x 2,560 pixels). It is expected that Samsung built its own AMOLED displays, as is particularly good readability in sunlight and a “Super Dim Mode” for more comfortable reading in the dark of the question. And for the display section if we are considering the Galaxy S7 display, you can expect it to be super AMOLED 4K Resolution of size ranging between the 5 inches to 5.4 inches but not max.

There is one bad news that Galaxy S7 will have no expandable memory option, but come up with built-in 64 and 128 GB. Also, sources confirm that there will be an additional model from a 32 GB version; additional memory is not called what previously could support mentioned information. Because of the slim body design, we would have to sacrifice many things for example: Galaxy S7 would not have removable battery, no memory expansion but it could be waterproof which is another plus factor.

In the battery section, Samsung Galaxy S6 battery is just leaked, for the first time battery rated at 2550 mAh is leaked for S6 but it shocking as it is not high rated battery but if Samsung Exynos manages to give good battery life then it could overcome battery else Samsung has to suffer. But again, it is the experiment of Samsung; if it would be success then you can expect it to happen with the Samsung Galaxy S7 too. But actually, this rated battery is a step backwards, but also no longer up to date, especially as is now assumed that the battery will not be interchangeable. Since the often rightly imputed Samsung logic does not help that iPhones have small batteries. The iPhone 6 Plus comes with around 3,000 mAh, and from which would be a 5.1-inch Galaxy farther away than from an iPhone 6 with 4.7 inches. Let’s see what magic Samsung wants to bring with the Galaxy S6. If S6 would give comparable battery backup to the iPhone 6 then it would be appreciable and the results would be in favor of Samsung. And it could only be confirmed after the launch which is no near in any way.

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