8 Great Online Services Which Every Business Owner Should Use To Streamline Their Workflow


The growth in the technical sector has been enormous and truly out of leaps. Today it is possible to have an already existing software or an online tool for any function that you can possible think of. The utility of such software and tools lies in the fact they are highly easy to use, available at truly affordable prices and most importantly helps in fast tracking the processes.

In the present time, where time is as valuable as money, one cannot afford to run and function through the traditional and time consuming processes. Below we provide you a brief run through across the best of the online tools and software which you can avail yourself to fast track the processes.

1. Accounting Software

The utility of an effective online billing and accounting software for a business house cannot be put to words. Each month a business house has to spend 10 to 15 hours a month in tracking down the entire expenses and calculating the billable hours and sending the detailed reports along with invoices to the clients. And even then, more often than not, errors creep up in the invoice which causes a further delay in the operations.

If you avail yourself an online invoicing and billing software, you get the opportunity to save a lot of time and efforts on generating the invoices. Besides, an effective online software like Invoicera provides you with various other options like multiple language and currency support, sending recurring invoices, charging the clients directly from their account to combat delay payments and a lot more. Thus an online invoicing system is a prerequisite for the working professional.

2. E-Commerce Service

An ecommerce services provides easy options for carrying out the entire trade and commerce. Entire buying and selling is reduced to a click of the mouse. If you really need to leverage yourself in the virtual world, you must consider having an ecommerce web portal for the same.

There are a number of companies providing cost effective ecommerce website development. An easy to use solution which lies with you is Cartedge. It is an ecommerce tool which provides you with highly easy to use and effective templates and wizards in order to facilitate credit card payments and collecting the sales tax. And yes, even it can be availed at highly cost effective rates.

3. Collaboration / Office Suite

When it comes to collaboration tools and office suite, the best option available with the working professionals Google Docs. It is an effective collaboration tool which allows the users to collaborate the efforts in real time.

Google Docs is an amazing platform which offers the users a word processor and a spreadsheet. Along with that, if you opt for its premium option, you also avail yourself extra space in addition to the existing offerings and also provides an system for scheduling the conference room for smooth and easy processes.

4. E-mail

Thunderbird is the option of you are looking for an effective email service. It helps in saving a lot of money and provides you most of the features of Outlook which you may need. It is available for free and enables message tagging. Besides, it also integrates the search system fur further facilitated processes.

5. CRM

After all, can a business march even a step ahead with out proper customer relationship management? The working professionals need to pay due attention to the CRM, especially if they are operating online. Even if it is a single person shop, it can gain significantly by the use of CRM in efficiently managing the lead that they have generated, on time follow ups and the sales processes as well.

As far as the choice of an effective Customer Relationship Management system is concerned, is a solution to look forward to. Firstly it is essentially cost effective and then it offers you with a lot of features and services. All you have to do is spend some time getting acquainted with the system and eventually you would be good to go.

6. Backup and Recovery

Backing up the file and the information is essential for the business house and for its processes. The online world is quite obscure and you can not really rely on the technology as it has the knack for failing you the time you need it the most. Thus effective backing up and recovery options offers a peace of mind while working with the technology and online applications.

An effective solution for backing up the content and information and its recovery is Moze. It is an online backup services, which saves whatever you do in its archives. All you have to do is select what all posts and items you need to protect with the back up and Mozy will take care of the rest. Besides, it is available at very affordable prices.

7. Blogging tool

Blog or weblog is a very advantageous tool available with the businesses to effective market and position their products. Though a blog does not specifically solve the purpose of promoting and marketing, it however does help in creating the awareness to the users about the business undertakings.

WordPress is a worth mentioning solution available with the business owners to develop their business weblog. It is highly simple to use and provides the businesses with a lot of functionality options and features.

8. Calendar

Subird, is a preferred choice for a calendar tool which is being used by a lot of businesses for effective scheduling and operations. It is simple to use and provides you flexible view options such as – daily, weekly and monthly views. Besides, it can be integrated with the Thunderbird, to further facilitate the processes.

These online systems has the potential to serve a great deal to your business. Try them out and feel the difference yourself.

Andrew Johnson writes for a popular design blog BestPSDto HTML, which has become a hub of many freelance web designers and developers for gaining knowledge about graphic designing ,multimedia etc.

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