JVC Everio GZ-MG670 Camcorder – A Good Buy


JVC Everio GZ-MG670 Camcorder – A Good Buy

Quite indistinguishable from the Everio line up, JVC has also launched a standard definition hard drive camcorder also known as JVC Everio GZ –MG670. It has a very sensible and streamlined design but the rectangular shape does not appeal to a lot of users. But it has its video performance and manual controls to boast of. Though the colors are very accurate, a fine noise is observed all the time especially in areas where fine details are needed.

On the left side of the LCD panel, GZ-MG670 possess a laser touch strip which is a new addition and this seems to have been put in the place of  joystick or the d-pad but apart from being attractive, it is of little use. It lets you scroll so fast that it becomes almost impossible to keep a track eventually.

It is easy to be used by both novices and professionals. It has a 35x optical zoom and easy to learn features for the beginners. For advanced users, it offers a range of manual features like white balance, exposure and focus but one control over this wide range of options is lacking. However, it manages to satisfy users at both the ends.

When used under bright light conditions, it offers excellent video quality and resolution has further increased with the upgrade. Not only that, it also performs remarkably well in low light conditions and stands out amongst competitors.

When compared to other products like Panasonic SDR-HD 60, we find better resolution and image stabilization, but MG670 makes up for it by offering 20 GB more of hard drive memory. It has 80 GB of memory which can store up to 20 hours of high quality videos. With its excellent color accuracy but lack of higher resolution, the still images are not that great. This problem has been looked upon in the upgrade.

The instant playback is very quick and it also has a video light and an info button which makes it an attractive package but without a microphone or a headphone port, the charm is somewhat lost. It has problems like 35x zoom, one touch upload and low quality stills, but at the cost of around $245 with excellent LCD screen, comfortable grasp, lots of storage memory and decent video quality in standard definition it overcomes its flaws. It is recommended as a good buy.

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