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4 Simple And Result-Oriented Ways To Manage Your Relations On Social Media


Today Social Media is the tool that permits individuals to make, impart or exchange data and informations, thoughts and pictures in virtual groups and systems. Social Media rely on mobile and web-based technologies to create, discuss and modify the contents.

 Social Media is not the same as customary media in quality, recurrence, ease of use, promptness and permanence.

Social-media technologies take on many different forms including magazines, Internet forums, social blogs, weblogs, microblogging, social networks, wikis, podcasts, photographs or pictures, rating, videos and social bookmarking. Technologies include blogging, wall-posting, picture-sharing, music-sharing and voice over IP etc. Social networking can integrate and use many of the platforms in use.

Social media is available in various forms i.e. magazines, Internet forums, weblogs, social sites, microblogging, wikis, podcasts, pictures, rating and social bookmarking.


There is an changing pattern towards utilizing social media tools that permit users to pursue, track and break down discussion on the web about their image or about subjects of interest.


There may arise the situations when the information shared over social media is at the verge of ruining your relationships. You have to very cautious and handle the situation very intelligently.


Here are the 5 ways that will help you to manage your social relations very carefully and handle the situation in case something go wrong and against you.


1.Publish A Statement Of Intent

As soon as you discover that something is not going in your favor and the statement which you delivered is not the same as you intended to. May be the that the message delivered by you is not interpreted correctly by the person who received it. Don’t delay and immediately clarify your intention as to what did you want to deliver. This will ensure making your stand clear and people will align to it. This will reduce any misunderstanding which otherwise has been created.


2. Demonstrate The Seriousness Of The Issue

Clarify that you are serious about the issue and you don’t want to hurt anyone. Clarify your intentions. If you wish, you can repeat your message making it more clear. Just emphasize that in future you keep this matter in the mind. This will uphold your image and brand.


3. Allow Affected Persons To Express Their Feelings

Be patient and listen the comments from the affected persons. This will make you clear what they have got in their mind about you and your brand. You will understand their emotions. This will help you in making your stand more clear and in future you are less likely to commit the same error.


4.Accept Your Moral And Social Responsibility

This seems to be hard than actually it is. You just be flexible and responsive. You are not going to loose, on the other hand you are going to gain only. More and more persons are likely to join and be in your social network.


Further, it is obvious more number of people in your social network bigger is your brand image and higher is your profile.

These circumstances could normally be an innocent oversight made by you and you had made the statement in such a manner that you didn’t understood that it would strayed so distant from reality. At the same time the essential issue here is the impact it has on people in general. To proceed further, both the brand and the man need to comprehend, recognize and gain from what has happened. Treat it as a wake up call and make your image stronger.

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