Samsung Galaxy Note 5: New approach to Come Soon


Samsung Galaxy Note series is nightmare for other brands that were trying to success their phablets, Apple has also followed the path if you know about the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. But still, fans are in favour of Samsung only. And the last gadget Samsung Galaxy Note 4 turned to be best so far. And as you know, time never stops and it brings new things at intervals, now get ready for the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy Note 5

The last launched Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was not only good at display, processor and design but also one thing that were claiming to happen with Galaxy Note device. Here we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the new S-Pen. Yes, the new S-pen changed the game for Samsung. It is accurate and fast. The bad: Samsung could have been more careful in their design. It is lightweight and plastic, opposite to the sense premium offered by the Note 4. So, what you can expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is to carry a light metal alloy S-pen which would not only be good to hold but lighter in weight too.

The first thing you notice when using the Note 4 is a spectacular display. You will not see anywhere else equal phablet or smartphone, Android or iPhone. Its Super AMOLED panel 2560 x 1440 resolution (qHD – 518 pixels per inch) shows the most vibrant colors and the gloss you would have seen on a smartphone. At the launch of Galaxy S5, Samsung proved to power its phone with the best display and Note 4 display just crossed the limits. And now new records possibilities are set after the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


If talk more about the display in the previous Note, interesting is the viewing angles returned almost perfect shades (that is appreciated it a slight pink tint on white backgrounds observing Note 4 from the side, but nothing annoying in normal use). Outdoors, the screen brightness is unbeatable. It shows at a glance comparing example brightness to maximum power of iPhone 6 Plus and Note 4 watching from the side. However, iPhone screens to be more brighter, just little in the readings, but iPhone can’t beat the Note 4 resolution. Also, the good news is that Samsung to set a 4K-resolution display in the new Galaxy Note 5 and expecting 2K resolution from the Apple in next iPhone, then we could be wrong. Apple is moving slow, rather then paying attention to the increase resolution, they are just staying at HD resolution and playing with colors and efficiency.

No doubt, Apple is good at the display plan but with the increase of resolution in the display, Samsung manages to make it more efficient and the approach and engineering behind this is really amazing. We hope, after launching the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung will again answer to the Apple’s iPhone series that who is the best in the war.

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