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Did you just buy a new smartphone? Want to load it with the hottest and the best apps in the market? Then you just hit the right page. We will discuss the newest, hottest and best apps for smartphones in the market currently. You smartphone is virtually a depressing device, if it does not have any apps. Applications of various types, whether games, exercise, technical or work, are very useful and help us or entertain us in our daily life. With so many applications being developed every day, it is not easy to choose your poison.

Hence we will help you decide which the most happening apps in the market are.


Moves helps you track your fitness regime and analyze your movements. It is a GPS-enabled tracking device that records your movements when you go for a walk or a morning jog or even cycling. Later on it analyzes the information in a storyline format and denotes location you tend to visit more. The details can be accessed through their website. All you need are the login details. It is available free of cost and can be found iOS 6.0 platform.


PicMix is a photo editing tool. Now you can re-shape it, crop it, add photo filters or insert frames, all in your smartphone. If you think you just came up with a masterpiece of your own, you can now post it to Facebook and share with all your friends. The sad part is even though the app is free; it is available only on Blackberry 10 platform.


Songza is a music streaming device with an enormous database of music. The specialty about Songza is that the playlist are customizable and can play the right music at the right time. It means to establish a special feature where you can customize the kind of music you want to hear according to your mood, location, genre and decade. It is available on all platforms except Windows.


Pocket is a very useful piece of application. It records and saves information from any application for you to view later. It is not a general bookmarking application. It enters any and every application you open and save the piece of information or page you might like to view for later. Unlike internet bookmarking service, the service offered by Pocket is offline. So even if you want to view an online page, you don’t have to connect to the internet in order to view the page.

SwiftKey 3

This is an extremely interesting and important application for all those people who love to text. If you are tired to typing and deleting and are looking towards something faster and more accurate than voice-texting, then your solution is here. SwiftKey 3 allows user to type words by dragging their fingers across the related words, without lifting your finger to type. Not only does it save time, but it is also keeps you from making typo. There is a free version available but the paid version is much better. It is available only on Android, but for iPhone users, you can definitely refer to Path Input Pro.

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