10 Important Things for Nokia to Do In India!


When the Indian market is surveyed for Nokia popularity and usage you will be shocked to know that the reports are not very favorable. One thinks that in the mobile making and selling industry, if not the lower end then at least the higher end companies would think of Nokia as a thriving competitor. You are wrong! The need of the hour for Nokia is to change its promotional and selling strategy, survey the market themselves and get close to the customized needs and wants of emerging markets. Here are 10 proponents.

1)     Brand name change to attack the lower market end:The consumer psyche thinks of a superior brand which converts into high quality as well as high price when the Nokia name comes up. Keeping a new brand to attract the lower market segment helps in targeting competitors and does not hurt the original brand name.

2)      Re develop the distribution strategy: The all time high and mighty Nokia stores are barrier to effective purchase decision. They not only kill choice of comparison with other mobiles, but also keep those customers away who are looking for bargain from known retailers.

3)      Advertise intelligently: Most super stars are associated with brand promotions. Tata ads are an excellent example of one-liner punches that keep the customers going towards it emotionally as well. Lower end phones should be advertised with a different sales pitch that does make sure quality offerings to the customers.

4)      Improves stock commissions: Nokia treats 3rd party stockiest like a burden paying them the lowest amongst competitors. Hence, these lower end salesmen are bent upon showing you cheap mobiles with added features beyond a certain price range to those with a tighter budget. Stockists earn least margins through Nokia sales.

5)      Social networking targets: Keeping in view the high-end Nokia customer market, it’s no wonder this class loves interacting on social network. Having your own group, ads, and Like buttons will definitely improve customer relationships and engage them in being interactive with your website and also apprise them of new models beforehand.

6)      Digital marketing: It wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of digital marketing although the Nokia team doesn’t seem to be in much favor of it.

7)      Make use of Mobile service providers: Models like paying upfront or not paying for first year (the costs can always be recovered with expected rate of return). Also giving leeway to customers backed by a good credit history can be a nice idea

8)      Better selling of application store: Even with good belief in future revenue margins’ coming from Nokia apps, the selling strategy has not been devised to thrive on application like the Nokia Ovi which is made of great stuff to engage customers.

9)      Provide strong customer support: Instances have been sited where customers are not being given good service be it for a technical fault within days of purchase or a repair after a good run. This really needs to be looked into and improved.

10)  Leadership dictates: Some new brains to work with the already smart Nokia team in emerging markets can always bring in new and improved ideas.

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  1. hey! nice article, again. but i’d like to point out four facts:

    1. you cite the need for a “Brand name change” to attract the lower segment of buyers. Remember the Nokia 1100? Even apart from that, Nokia is well known for its cheap phones. On the contrary, it is the premium consumer who often associates Nokia with making lower end phones.

    2. “Re develop the distribution strategy” << Nokia's distribution channel is in fact one of the best in the world.

    3. "Digital marketing" << Nokia is already starting to do this better. Remember all the Youtube videos before the launch of the N8?

    4. "Provide strong customer support" << instances of poor customer support are few and far between. One of the biggest factors driving the sales on Nokia phones, at least in India, is the customer support. I just got my E63 fixed for free with no hassles 🙂

    like i said, nice article, with a few short comings

  2. Hi There,

    Just to add 4 P’s for Nokia’s distribution strategy:
    1. Right product( Dual Sim mkt > 40%)
    2. Right place
    3. Right price
    4. Right time.

    M sure Nokia team is listening. All the best team Nokia

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