360 Slim Gaming Console from Xbox


360 Slim Gaming Console from Xbox

There is never a shortage of new gaming devices for me to review. It seems like something new is always coming out. I’m here to figure out whether this new 360 S is a good enough console to take out not only its competition but take on a civil war within Xbox’s older versions as well.

Getting too in depth would just exaggerate what I have already stated in the past Xbox reviews, so I won’t waste time in that area.

Focusing on Xbox’s main problem, overheating seems to be an issue that X box has worked on solving in a couple different ways. One of the differences between the older and the newer versions is the 40nm Die that the S has incorporated. Since there are now only one of these, there are less chances of the hardware coming away from the circuits and in turn causing an overheating issue.

Whenever you have a large luxation in hot and cold environments inside of a console like the Xbox 360, you’re going to have problems including cracking of the components. Some believe this to be a reason why Xbox’s are so prone to overheating. Others believe that the Intercooler in devices like the Xbox 360 is to blame.

Using some kind of connection such as a phone hook-up delivered better usage than the wireless that is offered through the new Slim. If you like music and movie additions, this movie gives you plenty of open space to explore your options. The noise factor has been lessened as well, which is a big plus in my book.

One of the things that I liked about this particular piece of electronics was the case in which you can carry it in. It’s sleek and basic in black and comes with many great touch features on it as well.

If you have an HDTV, you’ll be happy to know that the Xbox 360 Slim has plug-ins that are compatible with the HDTV components. The older models included fewer ports and the newer ones have added two more to make a total of 5 ports included on the Slim.

There are a number of added on components including a “virtual you” which you can customize as your Xbox buddy. You also have some features like Netflix to add to the fun. The UI on this device is pretty much specific to its previous versions of Xbox.

Any kind of console has a specific group of people that it caters to, so it wouldn’t be right of me to just choose one of the others. As far as games go, they all have a game that I like, but the PS3 may have more choices for someone like me. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 S doesn’t offer Blue-Ray which would have turned the knobs in their favor against the PS3.

What I Conclude:

If you like Xbox, but were disappointed in the last venture, then you should be more excited about this addition. Just like any other Xbox, the price may be high at $300 USD, but you won’t have to worry about overheating and that is a great step up for Xbox.

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