The Importance Of UPS


Uninterruptible power supplies or UPS are electrical apparatus that carry on supplying power no matter what the circumstances. To do this these systems generally have a back-up energy supply separate from the auxiliary power offered from the national grid etc. examples of the type of back-up power sources are batteries, generators, gas supply or some sort of renewable energy.

The latter is the only source that will carry your uninterruptable power supply on indefinitely while the others are generally known to be a short term fix.

Constant Energy

Examples of the types of circumstances where it is imperative to have a constant energy supplies are ones generally that have a medical back drop. Many western hospitals have their own generators in case of natural or human disaster in addition to this many government and military central computer systems are safe guarded with their own version of energy back-up systems.

One of the more interesting uses of a UPS system is that of the solar refrigerator. The invention was developed by Dulas, who have over 30 years’ experience in the field and are experts in renewable energy. The solar-powered fridge was invented to keep important substances such as vaccines at a cool temperature. In the case of vaccines specifically, a cool temperature is paramount in safe guarding their potency. The technology was designed particularly for use in countries where medicine is greatly needed, yet not necessarily very easy to come by. Many of these poorer non-developed countries also have many problems with their central energy grid and black-outs are common.

Solar Refrigeration

Before the invention of the solar refrigerator, the stream of safe medical supplies would have to rely on other uninterruptable power supplysystems and in poor countries, these were few and hard to come by. Thankfully, as the solar fridge runs on renewable energy there really is no danger of it losing power.

Solar fridge technology is so energy efficient; it can stay at the correct temperature for five days straight without needing to be re-charged, which is good news if you get a stream of dull days. This is especially important for extremely isolated communities for example those who inhabit the deep Peruvian, Amazonian jungle who were bestowed with a VC150 solar vaccine fridge by Dulas.

Another amazing feature built in to the fridge system is the stabilising technology that is advanced enough to be able to detect the outside temperature and react accordingly, meaning the valuable lifesaving medicines inside are safe and secure and stored at the correct temperature constantly. Along with the extremely long battery storage facility the solar refrigerator can also perform correctly when the external temperature is up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

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