A Review of Sony Xperia X10


A Review of Sony Xperia X10

Among the modern series of Sony’s Smartphones the Xperia X10 stands out as the most thrilling gadget for loyal Nokia users- enough to attract a new fan following. The gadget overwhelms you with its extremely attractive design, Android, spectacular display and an inviting custom skin. Here is a detail review of its mechanics and performance.


The appearance of the X10 seems appealing with a glossy plastic cover, but frequent users typically know that this is limited to a good view only. As soon as you start carrying it around, it gets finger smudges and scratches when kept with your little paraphernalia in your purse or pocket. The result is freaky looking, misused phone that you are not keen to flaunt around.

The VGA display is entertaining with a 4-inch wide screen, but the same width makes it a bane particularly if you are a female with small, delicate hands. The back cover however is as soft n smooth as you would like it to be with curved edges that feel nice to hold. The phone’s thickness stands at 13mm making it a sleek n ultra-thin design.

The typical buttons and connectors are where you expect them to be. The micro-USB is port flap covered to protect from lint accumulation and is places at the top along with a 3.5mm headphone connector.  On the right side of the camera you will find volume control and 2 stage camera controls. The menu, back button and main home button are placed below the screen on the upper portion. Also many users who wish to make an upgraded switch to X10 will miss a dedicated search button.

The walkman jack placement is good and the music presentation is very good. Signal-to-noise ratio is excellent and you can hardly detect any electrical online noise. This low noise trend is the best signal for good quality receiver sound. There was absolutely undetectable line static when test-runs were being made. Speakerphone is imaginatively placed on the side to prevent volume loss when positioned straight and gives a very satisfying conference call experience.


The Android 1.6 has been modified by Sony Ericsson with 2 tweaks;

1) Timescape; which gives you a timeline of friends’ updates on social platforms as well as for other   phone services (photos, MMS, emails, SMS etc.). The interface is not the quickest in the market even with its 1 GHz Snapdragon core.

2) Mediscape which nurtures the browsing ability of video, music and photos with a list of your favorite and recently played tracks. It supports a variety of browsing modes.

The camera boasts of 8.1 megapixels and gives a pretty much satisfactory result to those on the go unless you are typically into object photography. However picture excellence being one of Sony’s all time USPs (unique selling proposition) you will might happy to get on your hand camera-features like white balance control, smile detection, fixed infinity focus, scene modes and a multiple list of other functions. Even more appealing is the presence of a “photo light” next to the camera lens that lets you have good frame shot and tuned auto focus and is just one of those smart and honest features Sony is known for.

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