Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Review


Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Review

The x100e is a machine that tries to bridge the netbook -ultraportable devide. It out -speeds most netbooks, and comes with a large display with great 1366 -by- 768 pixel resolution. Its roomy keyboard and a well endowed hard drive is a cut above that of most netbooks. The add -ons come at the expense of portability as the x100e is more heavier than most netbooks. Its price of just under $600 is above what you would expect of a netbook, but a tad lower for an ultraportable( says alot about its mixed character ). The machine is more likely suited to the office work than casual use.

The rocket fast x100e comes with Athlon Neo MV-40 CPU and a powerful 2GB of RAM and a 320 GB hard drive -but you can get a 250GB drive at a cut back price-. The machine also ships with gigabit ethernet and a useful 802.11n wireless to add to an embedded 3G wireless broadband card that will add to your cost. The machine also cames with 2 USB ports either side of its body, bundled with a multicard reader and a VGA port at the rear.

The machine gunners a score of 52 on the WorldBench 6 Test, an ace for netbooks, but standard for ultraportables. You are unlikely to suffer any setbacks when opening and shifting between applications, nor when surfing the net or toying with Windows controls. The ThinkPad’s video performance will definately rattle your nerves, especially when put through the rigours of high -definition all -screen video. The poor thing cannot even ace a lower 480p video test as it stutters and jerks.

The x100e comes with a full -scale keyboard that offers big shift and tab keys that offer great feedback. The package also ships with Lenovo’s revered eraserhead, complete with a mouse and scroll buttons. Its very useful track pad is a worthy substitute for those who cannot decode the eraserhead. The surface is at a premium as the touchpad struggles to squeeze in with its rather minute buttons. The trackpad’s multitouch is not always on form.

The 11.6 incher packs a weight of 3.3 pounds that tops 3.9 pounds when carrying a power brick, but you are unlikely to notice it. The machine clocks a netbook -low five hours 28 minutes, a direct legacy of its powerful processor. The machine uses the Windows 7 Professional Edition, which is a class above the Windows 7 Starter facility utilised by many netbooks. You can even add Adobe Reader, power management and password manager into the bargain.

The ThinkPad will give you a decent return on price, the keyboard and larger keyboard will also play to its advantage. But if you are after longer battery life or an excellent video return, continue playing the market.

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