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In today’s fast-paced world were literally every minute counts you have to be sure that those minutes are being spent wisely and to your advantage. If you’re on the go in and out of the office, having the right tools at your disposal can be a godsend as well as a time and lifesaver.

1. Google Calendar + Tasks

This is a useful application that you can use on your computer with Gmail and it can also sync up with your mobile device. Google Calendar is useful because it allows you to share your schedule with friends and family, and they can also see yours. Now that you can you see what everyone is up to, it makes it easier to plan events together because you can see when and for how long each person is free.

2. iCal

The iCal app is handy because it allows you to create several calenders for all of the areas in your life like home, school, and work. You can see your calenders all together or separately if you wish. iCal also allows you to create and send out invitations using your Address Book. You can update your guest list, keep track of received responses, and receive up-to-date status information. Best of all, instead of cluttering up your inbox, invitations and responses go straight in your iCal.

3. TeuxDeux

While not currently available for a mobile device, TeuxDeux is a free application that allows users to set up week overviews, check off completed tasks, move tasks, and they can also create a “someday bucket.” Check out their website to watch a video of how it works.

4. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is unique in that it allows users to quickly and easily record their jumbled thoughts and to-do tasks in their inbox and then go back and record them in a more organized manner when they have the time. Users can classify tasks, putting them in categories such as office, errands, home, e-mail, online, and even phone. OmniFocus syncs with your computer and other compatible devices.

5. Remember the Milk

With this application you never have to forget anything again! The app notifies you in a number of ways, reminding you of reminders if need be. Receive reminders via e-mail, SMS, and even though your instant messenger. Go crazy with as many tags and lists as you like and store notes with your tasks if you want. The map feature allows you to see where your tasks are, allowing you to plan out your day without wasting time. Visit their website now and don’t forget the milk!

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