Perfect Print from Selphy ES 40 of Canon


Perfect Print from Selphy ES 40 of Canon

The printer ES 40 of Canon is adapted with voice button which announces the status of printing now and then. Being handy and portable this printer is available for $149 and the quality of its print outs are remarkable. But it is a costly printer for which you have to more than your pocket for buying ink and cartridges.

On its appearance it looks very much like a radio box. The LCD slot is located in the front portion along with menu buttons which does the complete control. One creative button found in the Menus is able to create special effects on the subject as per your option.

The navigating wheel is used for browsing through menu options. A small panel encloses memory card in it preventing it from external dust. You have no option for running the printer on battery in ES 40 printer.

You can follow the guidelines from manual for installation and set up. It is good to set up the printer in ventilated space for free dissipation of heat. The Selphy is designed to accept the paper from its tray on rotation method. It is essential to read the manual copy or its PDF format to know more about its features and functions. It is capable of performing image trimming, and makes adjustments with colour, and creates special effects.

The ES 40 of Canon can be assembled easily since it exists in the form of one unit. It looks little heavy when compared with its competitor brands. Still it is compact and portable and easy to use anywhere. The paper cartridge is located at the top portion of the printer.

This printer can be used both independent form and with USB support. It was easy to install the software drive into our computer. Selphy also features photo print unit through which you can print photos, add clip arts, and add text to the picture and much more. After making any changes to the photo you cannot save the settings and you cannot start with the next picture. You have to first finish off with the first photo and then do the next. Similarly when photo print is on, you cannot plug any external memory device in the printer.

The Canon’s ES 40 supports dye sublimation feature and not an inkjet cartridge, and hence the picture print is perfect with sharp image. Also your photo print is protected with special coat so that it is not affected by water or scratches. As declared by the advertisement, the photo print can survive over 100 years also if you store them in dark.

The speed of printing was almost like its predecessor CP 780. And the print out quality was extraordinary. The quality is not affected even if you are printing from camera or a computer and from memory card.

As mentioned earlier, this is a costly printer and you have to spend extra dollars for buying cartridge unit.  But if you are able to spend then this printer produces ideal prints with added special effects using clip art feature. Canon also gives warranty for one year for the parts of the printer.

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